“Too much medicine makes you sick. Sleep Movies Drinks The Potion is a lo-fi scrapbook and the cathartic product following a long period of unhinged self-exploration and inactivity. Oscillating between experimental soundscapes that are at times frightening and enchanting, Sleep Movies Drinks The Potion occupies a colorful but detached space; looking out at a world-turned-inward, distorted through the hazy lens of self-delusion & paranoia. Making the most of cheap keyboards and utilizing effects pedals to build the sonic palette, Sleep Movies Drinks The Potion captures the playful, elementary nature of bedroom production. “

Sleep Movies is the moniker for Pittsburgh independent musician Skyler Brimmeier, who so hit the nail on the head with the perfect band name to accompany his lo-fi electric haze sounds. Unmistakably cinematic, the new album entitled Sleep Movies Drinks the Potion (available on cassette via Crafted Sounds) offers up a vibe that wouldn’t be out of place as a soundtrack to a low budget indie film. I want to thank Skyler for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

Metamorphosis by Hillary Duff. I was like 10 and a big Lizzie McGuire fan.

Your last album bought?

Building a Family by Spish.

Favorite album of all time?

Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

The B.E. Taylor Christmas album that we have to listen to endlessly at work.

First concert attended?

I believe it was X-Fest 2004. Of my own volition: Yeasayer & The Smith Westerns at the Trocadero Theatre in Philly.

Last concert?

(Sandy) Alex G + Crumb at Mr. Smalls Funhouse.

Favorite concert ever?

Youth Lagoon during the Wondrous Bughouse tour.

Least favorite concert?

Small Black (huge fan of their music though.)

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

My friends and I used to ride the bus up to the city to go skateboarding when we were in high school. After spending an entire day skating around the city, I was always left with an afterglow and sense of wonder for city life.

Thanks, Skyler. Nothing against B.E. Taylor at all but any Christmas album, or any album on repeat for that matter, is my hell. I once hitched a ride to a Dead show out of town and the driver INSISTED we play the same bootleg over and over again the entire trip. I was ready to kill him and every hippie in that van if I heard that same “Truckin’” one more time.