As coincidence would have it, both Kirkpatrick Thomas and Dave Koenig were in Brian Jonestown Massacre at one point who I just had seen the night before. Dave told me they met up with the band at a rest stop earlier in the day for a little reunion. You could expect these guys to be broody and mysterious based on the music they make but nothing could be farther from the truth. They were a very pleasant bunch.

As endearing as Garfield Artworks is for us photogs with it’s aesthetically awful cobwebs and grime stains on the walls, the biggest challenge is the lighting. Too lousy 100 watt bulbs to create ‘art’ is a task, man. So it’s even more fun when a band shows projections and turns off said lights …great, I’m screwed. Yeah, it’s a pain but the results IMO turn out extremely cool and worth the effort. Seriously, it’s a gamble and I end up shooting ten times more shots to get the good ones. Worth it? Sure. More tomorrow.

These guys were on the eclectic (and somewhat bloated) bill which was headlined by Say Hi or Telekinesis depending on your definition of a headliner. Spindrift didn’t seem all that thrilled that there were four bands playing the night and the fact that they were loaded and gone seemingly minutes after their set only accentuated my observation. Still, they were quite bad ass! More tomorrow..