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This morning I am pleased to bring you the premiere of “Chassis“, the first video from eclectic popsters Suavity’s Mouthpiece latest EP Bellows, directed and produced by Chris Mason of Spinning Goat Productions.

Songwriter J. Trafford says, “To present the new Suavity’s Mouthpiece music video for “Chassis” has me swinging on a star. In spite of having a band CD without a band, I tottered toward Pittsburgh filmmaker Chris Mason to make something visual happen. While “Chassis” seems a rather short song in duration, Chris’s verve and vision was grand and very much with the heart of the song. Unstoppably, the release of this video presently sees Chris on the eve of a journey to Cuba where filming will continue for her highly-anticipated documentary on the long-established Guaracha Latin Dance Band. When she returns, Carnegie Museum of Art will debut a new collaboration between Mason, myself, and Tom Moran of The Five and The Deliberate Strangers. Renaissance woman.”

You can catch J. Trafford solo at the Deutschtown Music Festival on Saturday July 9th at James Street Restaurant Acoustic Stage.

“An experimental, daring, refreshing, sound scape of music…Comparisons to other artists would only rob SM over their unique artistic abilities and expression. They truly are a band that one needs to experience.” – Alan Welding (Pittsburgh Music Magazine)

Suavity’s Mouthpiece is a Pittsburgh based experimental pop band that has a brand new album, “Peerless Suavity” out today via Purple & Pink Records and they are celebrating tonight at The Union Project with Midge Crickett, The Spectres and Nevhar Anhar. Much thanks to J. Trafford (Guitar/Vocals) and Dick Whiskey (Guitar) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

J. Trafford: My tenure in cassettes surely predates this by many years, but the first disc I can remember purchasing was a low-budget German compilation called “Pop Nuggets”. If you research this double-CD, you will find a shocking smattering of pop artists like Gloria Gaynor, Barry Ryan, The Communards shoved together in the same small room as Elton John for seemingly no reason at all. Dick Whiskey: Either Green Day’s “Dookie” Or The Offspring’s “Americana”.

Your last album bought?

Dick: Bryan McPherson “American Boy / American Girl”. J.: Midge Crickett “A Place to Sit Down”.

Favorite album of all time?

J.: Oohf.. Germanotta’s joint-album with Tony Benefit isn’t out just yet, is it? Oh well, I’ll have to say “Unanswerable Lust” by Luxuria.

Dick: Tom Petty “Wildflowers”.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

Dick: Slipknot’s “Vol. 3”. 
J.: I was sufficiently disappointed that Prinzhorn Dance School could not match their first effort. No more really needs to be said.

First concert attended?

J.: Blues Traveler, sometime in the 90s playing Hartwood Acres. Dick: Mushroomhead at Laga.

Last concert?

Dick: Motley Crue/ Alice Cooper at First Niagara. J.: Blues Traveler, sometime in the 90s playing Hartwood Acres.

Favorite concert ever?

J.: Bob Dylan, in 2000 playing the AJ Palumbo Center. I was so put-out that he was a rickety, incomprehensible shadow of the man who wrote “Tangled Up in Blue,” that I sat down on the floor and pouted for the duration.

Dick: The Annual Mushroomhead Halloween Show.

Least favorite concert?

J.: Come now, does Sleepwalk A Robot REALLY deserve that kind of negative attention?

Dick: I have no earthly idea.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Dick: The DIY Community and local artists in the city.

J.: Sharing a stage with Madame Christiane D will always be a life-highlight. And thank God we were able to put on Moran / Masudi recently.

Thanks, guys. Totally digging what I am hearing of your stuff. Have fun tonight.