Along with hosting a stage at the incredible Deutschtown Music Festival (much more on that soon), I am so excited to curate the stage at the fabulous Thunderbird Cafe during the R.A.N.T. – Rock All night Tour in Lawrenceville on August 15th for the fourth edition of the free festival. I will be announcing the bands I handpicked for the line-up and begin today with the openers of the evening, Summer Underground. I have featured the folk duo before on the blog when there fantastic album came out and I couldn’t be more thrilled that Grant and Chrissy are returning home to Pittsburgh to play the gig. Stay tuned for the rest of the line-up, which is going to be GREAT!

“Grant Carey and Chrissy Sandman began making music as Summer Underground during the summer of 2011 in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Retreating back home after a year of college, the duo recorded their first album, Beneath This City, in their basements and living rooms. Recorded on a macbook with a single microphone, the album was created through trial and error.”

Summer Underground is a folk duo originally from Pittsburgh but is now based in New York City. They have a Kickstarter campaign which ends next week to help make their latest album “Honeycomb“. I have been a huge fan of these two for a couple of years now and have been patiently waiting until they were ready to be on the blog. I want to finally be able to thank multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Grant Carey and Chrissy Sandman for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

Grant Carey: Third Eye Blind’s self-titled album.

Chrissy Sandman: Dixie Chicks’ “Taking The Long Way”.

Last album bought?

Grant: “Tallahassee” by The Mountain Goats.

Chrissy: “The Moon Rang Like A Bell” by Hundred Waters.

Favorite album of all time?

Grant: Tie between “Boxer” by The National and “Born to Run”.

Chrissy: “Begin to Hope” by Regina Spektor or “Seven Swans” by Sufjan Stevens.

Least favorite album?

Grant: I was expecting more from “Battle Born” by The Killers.

Chrissy: Regina is my girl but I was a little disappointed by how produced “Far” was compared to her more performative earlier albums.

First concert attended?

Grant: My dad is a huge KISS fan so he took me to a show at the Post-Gazette Pavilion when I was nine. Full face make up and everything.

Chrissy: My dad also took me to my first show at the Post-Gazette Pavilion – John Mayer was opening for Sheryl Crow.

Last concert?

Grant & Chrissy: We both actually just went to go see Def Leppard open for KISS in Pittsburgh with Grant’s family. Earlier this summer we went to see Andrew Bird in Central Park… quite the contrast!

Favorite concert ever?

Grant: Springsteen.

Chrissy: Most recently, Tycho – amazing beachy visuals were perfectly paired with the music. Sufjan Steven’s ‘Age of Adz’ tour where he dressed like a futuristic astronaut and released neon balloons from the ceiling was also great.

Least favorite concert?

rant: I saw Styx after a Pirates’ Game at PNC Park and it was pretty goofy.

Chrissy: Feist getting rained out after one song at Governor’s Ball was a bummer. The whole island was a swamp.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Grant & Chrissy: We have spent many fond memories driving in Grant’s beat up green van over the many bridges and under the many underpasses in downtown Pittsburgh. For us Pittsburgh has always been home – we met in high school in the South Hills, and have returned here every summer to record new music. From sneaking around in the South Side as teenagers (we thought we were cool), to food shopping in the Strip, to holding our first jobs (Chrissy worked at the Science Center, Grant at Eleven)…. We love the Burgh!

Thanks, guys. How long has it been since I wanted you on the blog? (Answer: Christmas 2012!) So thrilled you are finally on it.