I have shot The Avett Brothers three times, hopefully going for a fourth next week. This photo was from the first time. Back in 2007, I had no photo pass access but took my camera to concerts either by sneaking it in or going to free gigs as this one was. This was when the Arts Fest was in the middle of town on that horrible strip of grass where the just completed T-station stands. Many young photographers are asking me how I get ‘in the pit’ at shows. I am glad to tell them that it takes a considerable amount of energy, luck and most importantly, a positive attitude. If you aren’t nice and grateful you might as well give it up. I thought this to myself last night, as I was three feet from Brian Wilson.

My third time seeing these guys and frankly, they get better each show. The love coming from the fans is palpable. These are down-to-earth dudes that deserve any and all success coming their way. Setlist and more here. Proper review here (with awesome photo, I might add). More pics here.

Rachel is a friend of mine and is in the running to win a cool poster contest. I am asking my readers to help her out. She is a fellow Pittsburgh blogger and is a fantastic photographer to boot. As of this writing, she is a close second place to win a trip to see The Avett Brothers this weekend. It’s easy to vote. Details here on her blog. Thanks in advance.

Not my first time seeing the band but man, do I like the latest record and their live show has been taken to another level with the material. They were spot on the entire evening and really know how to deliver for the fans (who just might be the most loyal in all of rock, giving Josh Ritter a run for his money). Fan discussion and setlist of the show here.