Kevin Devine might be THE most underrated musician I can think of. This was the first night of his tour supporting his fantastic new album, ‘Between The Concrete & The Clouds’. How good is he? I was standing next to a kid who walked two hours from Oakland to see the show!

The lead singer of this local band used to play drums in the ‘Christian metalcore’ band Haste The Day. I think he said it was his new band’s fourth ever gig? Regardless, after the second song he asked that the audience move up to the lip of the stage, a request that puts fear into any photographer’s heart.

I went to this show for headliner Kevine Devine. First of all, I was surprised at the turnout. These Stage AE ‘club’ shows are beginning to get some buzz, I suppose. What really surprised me was the crowd singing along to openers The Features songs! I never heard of them but obviously many in the crowd did. If you are bummed you missed them, fear not, Opus just announced today a headlining gig at Brillobox on Saturday, November 12.

These guys came all the way from Nashville to play for a handful of people on a miserably wet and cold evening. They were actually good and hopefully the low turnout won’t have them ‘ban the ‘burgh’ from future tours. A couple more photos here.

The first time seeing a show at the ‘club’ portion of Stage AE. Only 25 or so other people were there to see that the stage was set up in the corner where the merch table usually is. I was amazed at the sparse attendance considering how great all the bands were that night. I am wondering how these shows can be promoted better to spread the word? Hmmm…On a side note, Ezra was sporting a new mohawk. It takes some serious balls to pull that look off. Video here.