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I featured the Philly band last February as they sold out Club Cafe. They return tomorrow with a brand spankin’ new video under their belt that’s a sort of tease of their first full length release, “June Found a Gun”, that drops June 1st. Check it!

Photo courtesy Stella Wik
The Kalob Griffin Band Club Cafe
Saturday, February 4, 2012 Southside

I consider myself so lucky to be in the very dubious position I am in to be on the receiving end of publicists, record labels, or musician’s email lists. I get a ton of requests to showcase a band that’s coming through Pittsburgh to maybe preview, shoot or mention the gig. I don’t think I have ever been publicly jaded about it. Frankly, I never appreciated other people moaning about a influx of demos, or badly worded bios, or worse, bad music sent their way. For me, it’s an honor and a pleasure to flirt with the possibility of helping out a band I never heard of and in return…well, we’ll see.

That said, The Kalob Griffin Band is playing Club Cafe next Friday. They hail from Philly. Oh, and I found out that I actually like them! Not settling for Kalob himself to be answering alone, they have been kind enough to participate in this extensive edition of First/Last.

Thanks for the contact fellas. Been really diggin’ your music.