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I recently gushed about these guys and was thrilled to discover they were coming to town. Their live sound wasn’t as polished as their recorded stuff but just as great nonetheless. It’s a shame that only a handful of people were there to see them. Throw in the sweet Budai poster for the gig and this is a definite contender for show of the year.

There was a short time right after high school where I lived by the motto, “The only good music is psychedelic music“. I kid you not. I was totally enamored with early Floyd, the Haight-Ashbury scene and any sound with a hint of acid-rock. In the quarter century since that time I have naturally changed my appreciation a tad but this style of music will always be a part of me in some way or another. I can honestly say that I still enjoy listening to ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ once in awhile.

Which brings us to The Paperhead. They are three guys (Ryan Jennings, Walker Mimms, and Peter Stringer-Hye) from Nashville who in the summer of 2010 recorded their self-titled debut album virtually on their own and have just recently released it through Trouble In Mind records. What is astounding about this album is not that they were only 18 when they recorded it but that this is the most authentic slab of mind melting lysergic goodness I have heard in 40+ years. It’s amazing what these dudes produced. They have all since gone their separate ways to college but plans are for a cross country tour during their summer break. As for a follow up? Ryan responds, “We’re going to definitely keep recording, I like what we’ve done… but I know we can do MUCH better!” Sweet. I am crossing my fingers for a Pittsburgh date. In the meantime, the guys were cool enough to participate in this ‘trippy’ edition of First/Last Fridays.

Thanks so much fellas. I am really grooving on the music. A job very well done. I am gunning for that Pittsburgh date!