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“Simple songs, played simply. No frills, no excess. The Rents are a Pittsburgh based band that came together to build upon a group of raw, but powerful songs written by Jocelyn Rent, singer and guitar player for the band. After spending a number of years fronting the popular Pittsburgh based band, Omega Love, Jocelyn Rent, and husband Jon Rent (drummer for Omega Love and The Rents), settled into a quiet life in the suburbs, raising their children. Eventually, Jocelyn found that the quiet life didn’t quite fit her, and she began composing music once again, when she found the time, in order to maintain sanity. These songs form the core of the sound of The Rents, and work through a number of universal themes like love, longing, children, growing older, desire, dreams, and death.”

The Rents is an indie rock band from Pittsburgh who are somewhat new to the Pittsburgh scene while bringing with them a well worn history. Born from the ashes of Omega Love, the band has started to play out regularly and can be next caught this Friday (5/27) at Hambone’s playing a benefit for Child Life. I want to thank Jocelyn Rent (Guitar/Vocals), Mary Beth Kletter (Vocals), Tony Henderson (Bass), Jason Pietropaulo (Mutli-Instumentalist), and Jon Rent (Drums) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, all. Great description of our lovely town. I couldn’t have said it better.