#SupportPGHMusic // Exclusively on HughShows Radio streaming at the bottom of the page, enjoy the entire December 13, 2014 concert of HughShows Live at Eide’s Finale featuring mini sets from acoustic and solo versions of my favorite Pittsburgh bands during the marathon 6 hour concert. //

“With a love of rock and roll and a pure desire to move people with music, The Velcro Shoes are infectious, pounding and unabashed, the band you remember wanting to see. Emerging out of a cold, dull Pittsburgh winter, The Velcro Shoes in short order delivered a bevy of original music that promises to delight music lovers for the foreseeable future.”

The band plays Howler’s tomorrow night on a bill with I Was Totally Destroying It and Gary Band & The Notions. My thanks to Vocalist/Bassist Eric Emerson for participating in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, Eric. I appreciate your honesty about the local music scene. As an independent artist myself, I can definitely relate.