Walking into the crowded venue, I asked the manager if it was a sell out. He said that there were 11 tickets left. With 2400 capacity, there were a lot of people psyched to get their weekend party started. Believe me, I am no stranger to the concert party scene but when I shoot, I am (usually) sober and see a totally different side to things. One thing that struck me were the long lines for the expensive booze in the place. I have heard this complaint from others and it didn’t look like they fixed this particular problem since opening night. Also, when it’s a sold out show, it’s not easy navigating around the room. Hopefully when they open the ‘outside’ in the Spring, things will be more ‘roomy’. Seriously minor quibbles when you take into account that the acoustics and sightlines are really incredible there. That is all that counts anyway.

As for the show, we (me and another guy) got the first song of the acoustic set to shoot. The other dude was sort of freaking out and wanting more time but I am more than comfortable to get what I need in the four minutes they allotted. I guess all my practice is making me near perfect. Key word ‘near’!