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Triggers at The Wilderness Recording Studio presents HughShows Live @ Eide’s on Saturday, June 14th, 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Two local bands setting up and soundchecking as they open for No Age. Triggers is a fav of mine but The Lopez I never heard of before and loved what I did hear. Hopefully, I will be catching them again soon.

Club Cafe
Saturday, January 21, 2012
Midway through the set, a drunken former roommate of Adam came in to the place and along with his friends started celebrating hard, in front of the stage no less, his engagement that night. It was kind of hilarious to see one of the guys hand Adam a bottle of beer, as he was playing a solo! He was actually waiting for Adam to take it! Nice move. One thing the dude did mention that I couldn’t have said better was, “You guys sound better and better every time I see you play!” So true. Wait till everyone hears the new album. So good.

These guys have quickly become one of my absolute favorite bands in the city. I contacted them to see if I could ‘hang’ at a practice and they were cool enough to say yes. I got to hear most of the new album live and was even offered a fine high class beverage. They guys were also game for a few ‘posed’ shots in their historically incredible space. It’s actually one of the first ‘film exchanges’ in the country and the ghosts of Chaplin, Cooper and Garbo are all over the joint. Too cool. Catch the guys this Friday supporting The Red Western CD Release gig at Brillobox.

Near of the end of the band’s set as they were blasting through one of their last songs, I remember wondering to myself, “Could this be the best band in Pittsburgh?” Do yourself a favor and catch these guys live. No matter if they are opening for Weezer or playing a bowling alley, they rock out as if their lives depended on it. So much fun. More photos here.

Thanks to my calendar app on my phone, I was surprised to see that Triggers was playing in Lawrenceville as I was leaving a shoot on the Northside. I decided to swing up 28 to check it out. As I entered, the place was full of bowlers and the band was tucked away in the last lane rocking it out. They sounded surprisingly great in the room and the combination of people paying attention to their score more than the band was really foreign to me. I guess that’s the whole idea for the Wednesday night gigs there. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands in this city and I will hopefully have more frequent coverage of them on this blog. Their next show is this Friday, July 8th with the equally awesome Satin Gum at Brillobox. More photos here.

When I finally caught this band a couple months ago, I was blown away by how good they were. They have been around the local scene for awhile now and I criminally haven’t seen them play since that last and only time. That changes this Saturday where they play a bill with School of Athens and Thee Audience at Howlers. Hopefully the guys found their merch bin and will have some music for sale this time…in any case, I am grateful that guitarist Adam took a little time out to play this week’s edition of First/Last Friday.

I think Pittsburgh has some tremendously talented musicians and bands, and I’ve always hoped that it would gain some sort of national recognition as having a vibrant music scene ( a la Austin, Portland, Omaha etc ). There’s definitely a sort of evolution happening with places like Brillobox and other Lawrenceville venues popping up in the last few years and I’m happy that Triggers have been able to be a part of that. Pittsburgh is great as it is now, and I believe it’s only going to continue to grow and flourish as a center for music (and the arts in general).

Thanks Adam. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack! Since I’ve been doing these, that might be the best answer I’ve heard yet! See ya Saturday.

When the awesome Key Party comp was released a few years ago, one of the highlights for me was Triggers contribution. I never had the chance to see them play until this show. They were so great! The guys had no merch due to leaving their bin at a previous show…bummer. I will definitely remedy that soon, as the guys are playing some upcoming shows that I, and you, HAVE to check out. I will have more from this band in a future post or two. More pics here.