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After Brendon agreed to a First/Last for me, I delved a little into his music and was totally looking forward to his set opening for Deer Tick. Regardless of the bummer time I seemed to have had (and having the band call me out on it…awesome!), I did enjoy the night, especially the Viking Moses part of it. He kind of reminds me of early Palace Brothers, which is a great thing. There was also the news that there was a tribute album called Lucky Numbers released last week featuring bands such as Castanets and Devendra Banhart covering his tunes. He ended up being super nice and always has a home here on this blog.

Viking Moses (AKA Brendon Massei) has just been added to the Deer Tick show going down Monday. According to his PR Rep, Viking Moses ‘discovered’ Deer Tick back in 2005 and brought them on the road for their first tour. The show on the 23rd at Rex Theater marks the first time Viking Moses and Deer Tick will share a bill since 2009. Should be a good time for sure. His latest album “The Conquest Night” was released in March. Brendon was nice enough to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks Brendon.Weather permitting, I’ll be seeing at the show. And just to let you know, it’s spelled ‘yinz’!