“Perhaps one of the greatest albums in Misra’s canon, Water Liars’ debut was entirely unplanned. Recorded on a whim, with one microphone, the then unnamed rock band – consisting of St. Louis, MO songwriter, vocalist, guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Oxford, MS drummer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant – casually convened to play and record. Over the course of three days, in the small milltown of Pittsboro, MS, a series of ineffable and magical recordings came together. It was one of those seemingly providential experiences – far too remarkable to be denied. Phantom Limb was born.”

The band performs tonight at Howler’s along with Emily Rodgers Band and Ursa Major in support of their debut album, “Phantom Limbs” via Misra Records. My thanks to Pete for taking a few to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, Pete. My thoughts exactly on Jason Molina. My sincerest of well wishes, along with many, many others, are with him.