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“The 2012 Pittsburgh’s X Winter Rock Showcase Winners, WINE & SPIRIT, is bringing back some soul at a fast rate of punk rockin blues!! This local rock n roll band has been making their presence known in the greater area for the past five years Since forming the band at Slippery Rock University in 2006, Wine & Spirit has grown to what most locals say the coolest rock n roll band in town.

Leaving nothing on stage, the band’s high energy talent of modern blues rock n roll catches your attention with their
original work of spontaneous tempo changes with bluesy harmonica riffs and jams that will sweep the shuffle from your feet. With their debut self-titled album already out, the shows are always enjoyable with local hits such as, ‘They’ll Never Know’ and Spider’s Trap’ blaring through the PA system topping with their new songs that are now being recorded for a new Wine & Spirit album this summer.”

Wine & Spirit is a rock and roll band from Pittsburgh. They released a single recently entitled “Snake Eyes” and they will more than likely play it live this Saturday (4/25) at Downey’s House in Robinson. I want to thank Paul Joseph (Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

It’s crazy to think about this one, only because I found myself caught in between cassette tapes and CDs. My folks had mixed tapes, though had their share of albums we had in the house. During my junior high school years, my friends all had Napster and such and started burning CDs. However, I remember getting albums as gifts on holidays until one day I bought “Van Halen Greatest Hits Vol 1.” I was a drummer before Wine & Spirit and I was really into their songs from that standpoint.

Your last album bought?

“Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares” by the Delta Routine. We’ve played a few shows with them when they came in town from Milwaukee. Usually I’d like to offer CD exchanges with other bands but this album, I wanted to straight up buy for myself. Good tunes, good band.

Favorite album of all time?

“Get Your Yas Yas Out” by The Rolling Stones. This album alone inspired me in all shapes and forms. As a musician, that style of guitar work is what I wanted to lean towards when I started playing the six-string during my late teens. As a fan, still to this day I spin it every time I need to get my rocks off.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

“Little River Band” by the Little River Band. Although I really dig this group, I was disappointed with the album because it was a live CD and not the actual studio tracks I’d thought I was getting.

First concert attended?

The Rolling Stones back in January 2003. It was during their ‘Forty Licks Tour’. I was 16 when my parents took my younger brother and I to Mellon Arena. I was a Stones fan since I could ever walk. It was a dream come true to be able to see them live.

Last concert?

Last year, I took my girlfriend and her friends to see Lady Gaga during her ‘ArtPop Ball Tour’ at Consol Energy Center. I was a bit surprised how well this production was put together. Our seats were right off to the side of the stage and was able to see behind the stage and remembering seeing dozens of stage crew members and dancers shuffling props and stage equipment back n forth between every song. Lady Gaga was talented as hell, and was cool enough to stop and say hi to us as she was exiting into the tunnel beside our section at the end of show. As an open minded person for music, this was a cool experience of getting a glimpse of today’s pop culture.

Favorite concert ever?

The Living End at the Living Arts Theater in Philadelphia during the summer of 2007. Probably one of my most favorite bands to listen to and see live on stage. My buddies and I were obsessed to the point we drove all the way to Philly and back in one night. Week prior, we saw them at Warped Tour in Pittsburgh and decided to follow them to their next show which was in Philly and it was their own headlining gig. Since high school, The Living End was a big influence in this circle of friends we had. A three piece band out of Melbourne, Australia and here we are fortunate enough to meet them at every concert we attended. Basically we were “Living End Heads” and loved their live shows. That show in Philadelphia, a guitar pick was thrown out into the crowd and here it landed straight into my back pocket. I found it half way home to Pittsburgh at a rest stop.

Least favorite concert?

I saw Rush for free during their ‘Bows and Arrows’ tour or something like in summer of 2007 at the Post Gazette Pavilion. It was a free ticket and had a great time when they played their hits but the rest was 3 hours that I couldn’t recall that stood out other than their hits.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

We were so fortunate to get a last minute call from Drusky Entertainment to fill in for an opener that cancelled that day. Government Mule was in town to play the ole Station Square Amphitheater and Drusky called us the morning of the show. Now personally, I’ve seen a handful of concerts at that venue before it got tore down but being able to be part of any production with the skyline glowing across the river and being able to play for the folks from the side stage and not pay for anything was the most incredible Pittsburgh moment ever. Hell, we were able to park our cars next to their tour bus inside the gates of the venue. Because of the history behind this particular venue, this gig made it more special to recall whenever Station Square Amphitheater is ever mentioned.

Thanks, Paul. So I am assuming you will be at Heinz Field on June 20?