Easily the biggest breakout star to out of Pittsburgh within the last few years, Wiz is returning home to wrap up his immensely successful ‘Rolling Papers’ national tour. No matter how you look at it, this will be a fun concert.

As always, thanks to Drusky Entertainment, I have two tickets for the all-ages event to give away. To enter, email me at hughshows@comcast.net with the subject line ‘Wiz Khalifa’. In the message, supply the name of the person who will bring I.D. to will call the night of the show which will be good for two passes. Unfortunately, parking (and ‘loud’) is not included. This contest will run until Friday, July 22. That’s a two week window to enter, when the winner will be randomly chosen and contacted. Next Saturday, July 16 starts a new contest and as always, good luck!

Screen shot courtesy 5 Gum

For all intents and purposes, I can confidently say that Wiz Khalifa just killed it at Coachella. Watching the live youtube live stream is nothing like being there but the feeling I got was what a perfect choice to start the party on the final day. Believe me, I am by no means a fuddy duddy but f-bombs and the n-word thrown around every other sentence is not my idea of regalia. As an inner city Pittsburgh Public school teacher (where Wiz is a product of), I am forced to listen to that language every day…all day. To me, it’s not very cool at all, especially when it’s directed AT me for absolutely no reason at all, just ’cause I am THE MAN, THE SNITCH, but I digress.

I have to say, however, that Wiz has a certain appeal, even to me, that transcends even the stuffiness I can possess. Geez, I do sound like a dinosaur!