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As my buddies over at Draw Us Lines are pointing out, many albums are released throughout the year and could get ‘lost’ and forgotten in the annual retrospectives for some reason or other. I am trying to remedy that by highlighting these artists’ work that you definitely should know about.

Today I feature a bunch of good ole’ boys from Alabama. This is their second full-length with already having a slew of singles and a couple of EP’s under their belt. Now, don’t mistake their southern connection for country fried boogie rock. This album has been described as ‘lo-fi psychedelic American roots basement-baroque pop’. Kind of a mouth full but once you hear it you will immediately want to hear again as the press release promises. I hate the term ‘Wilcoesque’ with a passion, so I won’t even go there but listening to these guys could bring up some comparisons, unfairly or not. Bottom line, seek this out. Songwriter Jody Nelson was cool enough to participate in this ongoing year-end edition of First/Last.