“Drawing from retro and modern influences, Zeve’s dynamic falls somewhere between lo-fi, jangly 1960s garage rock and modern dream pop. Having released their debut full-length this past year to local and regional acclaim, Zeve has shared the stage with national touring acts at Pittsburgh venues including Mr. Smalls, Spirit and Club Cafe and have gathered the attention of radio markets as far as Seattle. Immediately following their debut release, Zeve is eager to develop and are back in their home studio recording a second LP. As evidenced by their maturing live show, Zeve is coming into their own with a more defined, yet nuanced and refined sound. Comprised of brothers Patrick and Nicholas Hodge, Dustin Stuppy and Brady Ashe, Zeve is a 4 piece from Pittsburgh, PA.”

Zeve is a newish psych pop band from Pittsburgh who’s self-titled debut came out last year. You can catch them live this Wednesday (2/28) as they open up for Philly band Ceramic Animal at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls. I want to thank Patrick Hodge (Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Probably MuteMath. Freshmen year of college they were my favorite live band. Fast forward 10 years or so – with a new drummer, bass player, and guitar player. Only one original member left. Tough watching what felt like a sad, forced, strange, closing chapter.

Thanks, Patrick. Pokey is the man. I saw him play to an empty room at Howler’s in 2008. I have always been happy he has been getting the recognition he so well deserves these last ten years.