The Constantines Monday July 11, 2005 Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Oxford Collapse, The Dirty Faces, Centipede E'est

Draw Us Lines/Young Lions/Dirty Business/Love In Fear/Justice/Lizavetta/Shine A Light/Thieves/Nighttime Anytime (It's Alright)/Working Fulltime/Seven A.M./Arizona/Hyacinth Blues

Hot as shit show at the Garfield Artworks. I'm talking the actual temperature. This place was a fucking oven up by the stage. There were four bands on the bill and after each set the ENTIRE audience went outside to bask in the cool of a ninety degree humid Pittsburgh night. Asshole me is slugging down a sixer and by the end of the night I was totally spent. These were loud, hard as hell rocking bands...and I was loving it. Usually this kind of music ain't my cup o, but cleansing the musical palette once in awhile is good for the soul.

First up was Oxford Collapse, a NY band that was just as surprised as me that they were starting the night. Rough, to the point, rock and roll.

The guys in the band were super cool and digging the Iron Shitty Beer.

Oxford Collapse autographed A Good Ground CD cover

Next up were locals Centipede E'est. I had to hang back a bit for this one. My body was telling me something. If I would have stayed up front with the heat and noise, I would have been leaving the place on a stretcher.

Up next was another local band The Dirty Faces. Now, punk (bad generalization, I know) bands aren't groups I go see all the time. Hell, I NEVER see punk shows. Nevertheless, there was something about this band, specifically the lead singer, that had me enthralled. He reminded me a little of G.G. Allin, without all that fecal business. I swear I took like 100 pictures of him. It was very interesting to watch him go.

Cool guy too. He was really nice and appreciate after their set.

Finally The Constantines hit the stage. Not knowing any of their music, I was highly entertained by these guys. Their stage presence is infectious and they put on a good show. As I said before it was hot as hell in the place and the majority of the band were shirtless by the end of the first song. If I remember correctly they all were shirtless by the end of the set.


The Constantines autographed show flyer

The Constantines autographed Shine A Light CD cover

These guys couldn't have been cooler.



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