Tift Merritt Friday August 11, 2006 South Park Ampitheatre Pittsburgh, PA

Something To Me/Virginia, No One Can Warn You/Stray Paper/Write My Ticket/Ain't Looking Closely/Still Pretending/Supposed To Make You Happy/Another Country/Wait It Out/Neighborhood/Good Hearted Man/Broken/I Am Your Tambourine/Shadow In The Way

Encore: Your Love Made A U Turn/Laid A Highway/When I Cross Over

Another free show on a beautiful night. I arrived during soundcheck and not knowingly quickly lost my glasses. Being sunny and all I was wearing my script shades and as it was getting dark I went to put on my regular specs and they were gone. I spent the next thirty minutes frantically retracing my steps from the last hour. Being blind as a bat, I was racing against time as the sun went down. Seriously, I was fucked. I would have had to bum a ride home, face the old lady in my ineptitude...and worst of all, miss Local Honey later that night. Thank God an old couple found them near my soundcheck spot and took them to the merch table.

Whew, time to enjoy the night right? Maybe not. As I hit the lip of the stage to snag some shots, Joe County Fuzz taps me on the shoulder and tells me that I have enough pictures and beat it. What the hell? Since when does joining the force make you Richard Avedon? According to him, I was bugging the people who waited to see her. Huh? Ah, sir...IT'S A FUCKING PARK! How can I block someone's view WHEN WE ARE IN A FUCKING PARK?!? So, did I argue with him? Yeah, right. I was all, "Yes sir." Fuck it. He was actually cool about it. No big whup.

Anyway her and her band were rocking. Good times.

It was guitarist Brad Rice's birthday and there was a cake and a singalong. They seemed to be digging the whole scene.

Tift Merritt autographed drawing


Tift Merritt Band autographed Tift Merritt hand-written setlist


Tift Merritt autographed Tambourine CD cover


Tift Merritt autographed print


Tift Merritt Band autographed flyer


Did I mention that Tift is smoking hot? And according to her inscription she loves me! Yeah boyeee. Wedding ring? That's no wedding ring, baby.


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