Tim Easton Thursday July 13, 2006 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA

Tim Easton autographed ticket stub

News Blackout/Black Dog/I Wish You Well/Dear Old Song And Dance/Next To You/Tired And Hungry/Back To The Pain/Summertime/Just Like Home/I Would Have Married You/Special 20/John Gilmartin/Lexington Jail/Spanish Harlem Incident/J.P.M.F.Y.F./Bad Florida/Baltimore/Carry Me

Encore: Sitting On Top Of The World

It seems like I have been waiting forever to see Tim Easton again. Last year he cancelled (scroll down) and it's been a couple years before that since he swung through town. I wasn't even going to go to this show tonight but the old lady wanted to get out and she digs Tim's music. We were very late getting out the door and finally got to the club 45 minutes after the scheduled start time. Luckily, Tim started 46 minutes after said time and miraculously snagged a table in front.

Now, I almost wrote this guy off, vowing to never see him again after a couple bad performances, but thankfully I didn't because tonight he put on a great show. He was engaging, witty and smokin' on that borrowed acoustic of his. His new stuff is a tad...subdued but his classic shit is still mean old dirty and down blues. After many years he FINALLY played 'I Would Have Married You' for me (regardless of the shit he gave me for being a dude telling him matrimony was my intent).

He was taking requests and telling stories throughout the solid two hour set (no opener-Club Cafe is finally getting it?) and usually musicians who try to be funny are somewhat not funny. You usually laugh to be nice (at least I do). Tonight he told the story of his meeting with Paul McCartney that literally had me gasping for breath. It was fucking hilarious.

So I am finally able to say that I saw a Tim Easton show that was just as great as when I discovered him years ago.

Tim Easton autographed Ammunition CD cover

Tim Easton autographed Special 20 CD cover

Tim Easton autographed They Will Bury You Vinyl 7" sleeve

Tim Easton autographed flyer (from cancelled 2005 show)

Tim Easton Monday June 27, 2005 Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA


If I find out that he cancelled because of low ticket sales, this motherfucker is history to me.


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