Transition Saturday November 13, 2004 Orchard Hill Church Wexford, PA

w/ Hit The Lights, After Drama, Mark This Day

Idol The Ashes/Burlington/Sharkbait/Start Over/Bad Lovers Make Better Liars/(On a Scale) Of One To False, How True Are Sea Creatures?/Instrumental/Breathe/Placing Bets On Tomorrow/11:05/Carolina

Don't ever underestimate the power of youth. My cousin Jim is the drummer for this Pittsburgh based band and my wife and I decided to check them out. There must of been at least a thousand people at this show. Granted, most of them were teenagers but these guys sure packed them in. A couple of the band members themselves are still in high school! The band itself was pretty good but I'm not really into the Nickelback-311-Godsmack genre. Man, did me and the missus feel old.

Well, I guess not that old. Woo-hoo, ROCKIN' Grannies!

Do you know how difficult it is to take a decent picture of the drummer?

Online advert for the show

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