Laura Viers autographed print

Laura Veirs Friday May 19, 2006 WYEP-FM Studios Pittsburgh, PA

Spelunking/Magnetized(cut)/Snow Camping

I had every intention of seeing Laura perform at The Warhol. That day I just wasn't in the mood for a show. Can you believe it? I am sorry my loyal hughshows readers but I just didn't give a shit. Not taking anything away from Ms. Veirs, I think she's great, it's just I was tired and...I know, I'm a puss. Knowing that she was giving an in-studio that afternoon and knowing I might not hit the show, on my way home I swung by the studio and sure enough after a few minutes, her and her crew stumble out of a packed, messy van. She was nice and all and bringing a camera with me I felt kinda bad blindsiding her and didn't bother with a pic. The interview and performance was good (even though she stopped 'Magnetized' due to the fact that the third verse was too personal given a recent break-up) and I am kicking myself I didn't go to the show proper. Next time for sure.

Laura Veirs autographed flyer

Laura Veirs with interviewer Stephan Bontrager, WYEP-FM DJ. Photo courtesy


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