Wax Fang Saturday August 19, 2006 Gooski's Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Centipede E'est

Avante Gaurdian Angel/Majestic/Oh, Recklessness/The Doctor Is In/Cannibal Summer/Bible Belt/Over The Night Is Before/Bi-Polar Bear/Sweet Bloody Murder/Black And Endless Night

Encore: Sugar Cane

So this article was floating around last month of Jim James recs:

New York Times

July 2, 2006

JIM JAMES, singer, songwriter and guitarist of the band My Morning Jacket, managed to find a week recently to relax on his back porch in his native Louisville, Ky., after touring with Pearl Jam. Last month the band played the Bonnaroo festival, followed by two concerts with the Boston Pops; Summerfest in Milwaukee and the Taste of Chicago are still to come this month. Mr. James's drawling, gravelly speaking voice is a far cry from the rapturous falsetto that can be heard on his band's fourth album, "Z" (ATO/RCA), which was released last year to critical praise. Speaking by phone with Winter Miller, he waxed politic about what he called music's responsibility to heal social divisions while discussing what he is listening to now.

Scott Carney

He's a guy from Louisville. I went to high school with him, never knew him, and he moved away to Pittsburgh. "Black and Endless Night" (scottcarneymusic.com) came out in late 2005, and I couldn't believe it was from this time period: it's got a futuristic energy, a lot of elements I've never heard work before. A combo of all these things you remember from the past. You can sense some David Bowie in it. It's so unique, it's hard to place. The cool thing about it is he made it by himself. Every single instrument is played by him, and he paid attention to the details. Enough people don't pay attention to the production of a record. Lots of people think about the songs or where they're going to record. They think about everything but how the record's going to hit your ears. The production is amazing, the songs are amazing. It takes you to a different place in the future.

Intrigued by the Pittsburgh mention, I research Scott Carney. Turns out he's hitting the 'burgh in August so, why the fuck not? He's just formed a new band and will also be opening for MMJ in November. Might be a good time to check him out in a bar before he "blows up".

First time at Gooski's and I just might have to give it "The Shittiest Dump to see a band" award (taking the title away from the now closed Millvale Industrial Theater). The place was packed. Him and his crew couldn't have been more nice, really down to earth dudes. They were genuinely happy to be there and they were exuberantly rockin'! It is always refreshing to hear a band climbing toward the top of their game. Plus, how the hell can you go wrong with a theremin solo? Let's all hear it for Pennsyltucky!

It was 1a.m. and Centipede E'est were still setting up. Am I getting that old? This little buhgina ran weee-wee-wee all the way home.


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Kevin Ratterman hand written Wax Fang setlist

Scott Carney autographed Black And Endless Night CD cover

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