Wilco Sunday June 6, 2004 Point State Park "Three Rivers Arts Festival" Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Vale And Year

Photo montage courtesy Jeff Cohen

Company In My Back/Hummingbird/Ashes Of American Flags/Heavy Metal Drummer/
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart/War On War/I'm Always In Love/Shot In The Arm/
Hell Is Chrome/Theologians/At Least That's What You Said/Muzzle Of Bees/
Poor Places/I'm The Man Who Loves You/Late Greats

Encore 1: When The Roses Bloom Again/One By One/Sunken Treasure/Handshake Drugs/California Stars

Encore 2: Spiders/I'm A Wheel

A Fool Such as I (Hank Snow Cover)/Hummingbird (Partial)/Hummingbird/
Company in My Back/Muzzle of Bees/Hell is Chrome/The Late Greats/
Spiders (Drum Intro Only)/Iím a Wheel/Heavy Metal Drummer (False Start)/Heavy Metal Drummer

What do you want for free! Leaving the kids at home. A nice summer evening. Sneaking in a flask of rum for our Cokes. A freshly rehabbed Jeff Tweedy. Couldn't ask for more. The band sounded really good. I spotted bassist John Stiratt behind the stage during Vale And Year's opening set and asked him for a photo. He looked at me with the blankest expression and got on his tourbus without a word. Guess somebody's getting a little ego. Pa-pa-PRICK!

UPDATE: Some other concert goers had a very pleasurable experience with Mr. Stiratt after the show. Getting photos and autographs and such,  so I'll let the guy off the hook and rack it up to "pre-show jitters". Or, as someone posted, he just didn't like me. If that's the case, Pa-pa-PRICK!

Photo courtesy aricandover

Photo courtesy Jeff Cohen

Review from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Easing into a second appearance in two years at the Three Rivers Arts Festival on Sunday with the low-key, country-flavored pop of 'Company in My Back,' Jeff Tweedy wasn't shy about exposing fans and casual observers alike to a healthy selection of songs from yet another Wilco masterpiece, A Ghost Is Born, which doesn't hit the streets until June 22.

By the time the guys followed 'California Stars' with a two-song encore of 'Spiders (Kidsmoke),' a head-on collision of Krautrock and headbanging '70s rock, and 'I'm a Wheel,' a raucous explosion of post-punk abandon, they'd played all but two of the album's 12 songs. It's not the most stylistically cohesive album in the world. If Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was their Sgt. Pepper, then this is their White Album, sprawling all over the map and taking Wilco with it, from the electronic throb of 'Spiders' to the barnyard stomp of 'The Late Greats'; from the Beatlesque piano pop of 'Hummingbird' to the album's most inspired cut, 'At Least That's What You Said,' a stunning show of force that evolved from nearly whispered verses steeped in sadness through a bludgeoning Crazy Horse power-chord stomp to a wide-open jam as transcendent in concert as it is on record.

As rewarding as it was to hear those new songs performed by a lineup that was only strengthened by the recent acquisition of guitarist Nels Cline and keyboardist Pat Sansone, several of the concert's highlights came from earlier releases. Three songs in, Wilco took a detour through a four-song Yankee Hotel Foxtrot suite whose highlights began with a haunting performance of 'Ashes of American Flags' and included an 'I Am Trying to Break Your Heart' whose chorus was somehow more chaotic than the version on the record.

Every older song they played, in fact, found Tweedy and his latest bandmates investing the past with a sense of discovery, whether bringing extra texture to the Woody Guthrie folk-pop treasure 'California Stars,' or investing 'A Shot in the Arm' with a greater intensity than the version on Summerteeth. Several songs, both old and new, were marked by a Sonic Youth-worthy crescendo of chaos and feedback, but they sounded just as brilliant when stripping it down to just a vulnerable Tweedy vocal and the barest accompaniment imaginable on haunting post-Americana lullabies.

-- Review by Ed Masley

Wilco Saturday November 6, 1999  Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH

w/ Matthew Sweet

Via Chicago/Candyfloss/Summerteeth/I'm Always In Love/I Must Be High/How To Fight Loneliness/Hotel Arizona/ Red Eyed And Blue/I Got You/Nothing's Evergonnastandinmyway(again)/She's A Jar/Shot In The Arm/We're Just Friends/Misunderstood/My Darling/Hesitating Beauty/Christ For President/Passenger Side/Can't Stand It/Forget The Flowers/New Madrid/California Stars/Casino Queen/Outtasite Outtamind

Matthew Sweet

We get to the venue and there is a line out the wazoo. They are late in opening the doors and we are way back in line. For some reason they were selling Pre-show Party tickets and since the wife and I were from out of town I get them for the hell of it. Luckily I did . We go straight to the front of the line with those babies and get a prime spot in front of the stage. As we were going in the security guard was informed that there was to be no photography allowed. Great, the camera in my pocket was bulging out. The last thing I wanted to do was give up a camera. Luckily, I slipped past and even managed to stealth a flash shot. Opener Matthew Sweet was really good.

Wilco Setlist Monday November 8, 1999 Metropol Pittsburgh, PA

w/ Beulah

Very good show even though Jeff Tweedy had near pneumonia. Metropol was the worst venue ever so knowing that the wife and I get there REAL early and hang out for the band to come on. A couple hours later after surviving Beulah's opening slot the place is packed. My wife (who's been sitting in a chair in the balcony) comes down to where I've been parked all night in front of the stage. Being 5'1'' she can't really see all that well so I lift her up on a speaker cabinet, ONSTAGE and we enjoy Wilco's set up close and personal, baby!

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Top 10 concerts of 1999

7. Wilco

(Metropol, Nov. 8) An acoustic guitar and harmonica draped around his neck, Jeff Tweedy strolled on stage and quietly wrapped his hands around the crowd's imagination with a stark, disturbing reading of 'Via Chicago.' Music doesn't get much darker than the sound of Tweedy resigning himself, with a lyrical shrug, to "I dreamed about killing you again last night and it felt all right to me," no anger, only resignation in his tired, cracking voice. Up next, the sugar-coated hooks of 'Candyfloss' dispelled the darkness. And from there, the show went crashing through moods as abruptly as life itself. It's a challenging album, Summerteeth. But Wilco was certainly up to the challenge of making it work as a live experience. If it rocked a little harder than the album does, the added rocking never came at the expense of conveying the almost claustrophobic despair at the heart of the band's new masterpiece.

A signed artist's proof of Wilco's 1999-2000 New Year's Eve show. I later bought one of the limited edition posters on Ebay.

Sunken Treasure/Too Far Apart/Candyfloss/Red-Eyed And Blue>I Got You/Elvis And The Aliens/Revolution/ Countdown/Someone Else's Song/I'm Always In Love/How To Fight Loneliness/Hotel Arizona/Nothing's Evergonnastandinmyway(again)/She's A Jar/A Shot In The Arm/Misunderstood/Should've Been In Love/Hesitating Beauty/Can't Stand It/Monday/The Long Cut/California Stars/Forget The Flowers/Outtasite Outtamind 

Wilco Fillmore poster Thursday December 31, 1998

"Alternative Country", "Insurgent Country", or "Cow Punk" music is a style I was introduced by accident. I was going to San Francisco for my honeymoon and being somewhat of a Dead Head I wanted to see a show at the historic Fillmore Auditorium. The group Wilco was playing a two night stand, December 30th and 31st. I had their album Being There and the missus and I went to the 30th show. I was in a great mood that night being a newlywed and all and I snuck in a camera to take some pictures. A few songs into the set, I told my wife I was going towards the stage a bit to get a close shot. So I get a few feet from the stage and for some unknown reason when Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer, looked at me, I waved.

Here is the conversation that followed.

Jeff Tweedy: What are you waving at Kermit?

Me: Nothing

JT: I'm sorry but you kinda look like a muppet.

Me: But do you love me?

JT: Sure I love you, come on up.

Before I go on, compare the two pictures below. Do I really like like a muppet?


So now I am invited up on stage at the Fillmore Auditorium!! I was feeling great about then. Jeff says to the crowd, "This is Kermit everybody." In all my splendid drunkenness I begin to massacre a verse of 'The Rainbow Connection'.

 The band actually picks up on it and begins playing the song. Jeff starts to sing it and what do I do. The only obvious choice, The Robot Dance! He looks at me and as quickly as he invites me on stage, he invites me off. I wasn't going without a fight though. I stepped up to the mic again and proceed to adlib a verse serenading my new bride. Totally off key, totally embarrassing, totally FUN!!

Wilco Wednesday December 30, 1998 Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco, CA 

James Alley Blues/New Madrid/Forget The Flowers/California Stars/Hesitating Beauty/When The Roses Bloom Again/Christ For President/Someday Soon/Kermit's Song/She's A Jar/Can't Stand It/Red Eyed And Blue>I Got You (At The End Of The century)/I'm Always In Love/Kingpin/Was I In Your Dreams/Monday/Casino Queen/Passenger Side (Rock)/I Must Be High/Passenger Side (Punk)/Outtasite (Outtamind)/Hoodoo Voodoo

Below are some pictures from that night.

Photos courtesy Fillmore website

Anyhow a couple months later I was wondering if by chance anyone happened to tape the show and if so to get a copy. Looking on the 'net I did find out that someone had it and he was nice enough to send me a copy. It's funny as hell and will go down in Wilco lore I suppose. It's definitely a nice souvenir from our honeymoon. I started to go to more Wilco shows and discovered some great bands through a mailing group called Postcard from Hell.

This is a very informative bunch of people who discuss, argue, and give a heads up on all kinds of music but mainly the "alt country" style of music. The downside is that you might have 200 messages in your inbox each day about burritos.

Sent to me by the band's guitar tech, Adam Roehlke November 1999



Son Volt autographed ticket stub

Son Volt Thursday September 16, 1999 Metropol Pittsburgh, PA

Flow/Caryatid Easy/Picking Up The Signal/Right On Through/Tear-Stained Eye/Medicine Hat/Blind Hope/Hanging Blue Side/Back Into Your World/Ten Second News/Driving The View/Questions/Drown/Route/Straightface/Dead Man's Clothes/Windfall/Strands/Making Time/Last Time Around

This was my third and (obviously) final Son Volt show. Even though "Metrosucks" was a horrible venue, I went there for some not miss shows and this was one of them. They never failed to put on a great show. There were some weird rumors going on about the band's gear being stolen a few days earlier and the vibe of the group being so that they were splitting up. Mike Heidorn was packing up his gear and my buddy and I were asking him about the band breaking up. He called it a hiatus. That was five years ago. He was a very nice guy, real down to earth and approachable.



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