Deutschtown Music Festival Lineup 2019

May 22, 2019

I am excited to bring to you the complete 2019 Deutschtown Music Festival lineup, which occurs on Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13 over on the Northside of Pittsburgh.
Schedule is subject to change so check back often.

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Park Stage (Friday 7/12)
Allegheny Commons East Outside – All Ages

3pm London Johnson’s Magnificent Street Entertainment (Other)

4pm Aubrey Burchell (Pop)

5pm The Struggle Bus (Indie Rock)

6pm MoonmeN (Funk)

7pm Run the Meat (Brass Band)

8pm Honky Tonk 339 Band (Country)



HughShows (Main) Stage (Friday 7/12)
Foreland and Middle Streets Outside – All Ages

3pm Lee Robinson & ISKA (Jazz)

4pm hunnycomb (R&B)

5pm SPISH (Indie Rock)

6pm Jenn Wertz Band (Folk)

7pm The Borstal Boys (Rock)

8pm Drowning Clowns (Alternative)

9pm Jim Donovan and Sun King Warriors (Rock)



Penn Brewery Terrace (Friday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. Outside – All Ages                                     

5pm Northern Whale (Youngstown, OH) (Alternative)

6pm Aris Paul Band (Folk)

7pm Go Go Gidget (Alternative)

8pm Garter Shake (Punk)

9pm The Rents (Alternative)



Threadbare Tent (Friday 7/12)
1291 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

5pm REPO MAN (Punk)

6pm Black Ridge (Rock)

7pm The Angie Haze Project (Akron, OH) (Indie Rock)

8pm A.T.S. (Alternative)



Threadbare Restaurant (Friday 7/12)
1291 Spring Garden Ave. All Ages

4pm Jaye Devine (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Randy Hollenbeck (Alternative)

6pm Rachel Leigh (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm Sloane Simon (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm One Ray (Rock)

9pm Carrie Collins (Singer/Songwriter)



Arnold’s Tea (Friday 7/12)
502 E. Ohio St. All Ages                                                  

2pm Dreamz of Music Foundation (Hip Hop/R&B)

4pm Kynzie Webb (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Julia Capuzzi (Pop)

6pm Aaron Lewinter (Jazz)

7pm Lauren ‘Shay’ DeMichiei (Alternative)

8pm Adam Fitz (Folk)



Elks Lodge #339 (Friday 7/12)
400 Cedar Ave. 21+                                                         

6pm Nameless in August (Folk)

7pm Bad Custer (Rock)

8pm The Buckle Downs (Rock)

9pm The Telephone Line (Rock)




Allegheny City Brewery (Friday 7/12)
507 Foreland Ave. All Ages                                             

5pm Boonie The Kid (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Zachary Lee (Indie Rock)

7pm Single Jo (Alternative)

8pm Walker and the Rebellion (Folk)

9pm ShowPony (Other)

10pm Akrasia (Indie Rock)



City of Asylum (Friday 7/12)
40 W. North Ave All Ages

6pm go home, Eddie (Rock)

7pm Living With Monsters (Rock)

8pm Moe Seager (Jazz)

9pm Dan Koshute (Rock)



The Government Center (Friday 7/12)
519 E Ohio St. All Ages                                                   

5pm BabiiBloo (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Rev. Ezra & The Lone Pines (Folk)

7pm Abstract Theory (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Pharah Phitted (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Leprosy (Metal/Hardcore)

10pm Royal Honey (Rock)



Penn Brewery Eisenhall (Friday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. St. All Ages

5pm Larga Veda (Rock)

6pm QUIET (Alternative)

7pm Old Game (Alternative)

8pm Standard Broadcast (Indie Rock)

9pm Heavy Chest (Alternative)



PGH Winery Satellite (Friday 7/12)
709 East St. 21+                                                              

6pm Cosmic Wind (Alternative)

7pm Kiwano Sour (Alternative)

8pm Back Alley Sound (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm The Vics (Indie Rock)

10pm amplifiers. (Alternative)

11pm Dan Bubien & the Delta Struts (Rock)



Grand Hall at the Priory (Friday 7/12)
614 Pressley St All Ages                                                 

5pm EMay & The Soundmen (Rock)

6pm Cisco Kid (Rock)

7pm Demos Papadimas (Youngstown, OH) (Folk)

8pm Benefits (Alternative)

9pm Working Breed (Alternative)



Straub Stage at Deutschtown Center (Friday 7/12)
801 Vinial St. Outside All Ages                                            

7pm The Waif (Indie Rock)

8pm The Chad Sipes Stereo (Alternative)

9pm Northern Gold (Singer/Songwriter)



Local Brewhouse (Friday 7/12)
140 Federal St. All Ages                                                    

5pm ezra & the reletivs (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Chase and the Barons (Rock)

7pm Grand Bell (Indie Rock)

8pm The Black Six (Rock)

9pm Funky Fly Project (Jazz)



Wigle Whiskey (Friday 7/12)
1055 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

5pm Heinous Bienfang (Alternative)

6pm The Hipsters (Alternative)

7pm Poro (Cleveland, OH)  (Folk)

8pm The Mixus Brothers (Folk)



Verdetto’s (Friday 7/12)
814 Madison Ave. 21+                                                    

7pm The Bleepy Things (Indie Rock)

8pm Egomyth (Rock)

9pm The Bird Hour (Rock)

10pm SLUGSS (Indie Rock)

11pm School of Athens (Rock)



Penn Brewery Restaurant (Friday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. All Ages

5pm Chiodi Trio (Jazz)

6pm Jessica Lee & Mark Strickland (Jazz)

7pm Rob Williams (Folk)

8pm Rachel Whitcomb (Singer/Songwriter)



St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement (Friday 7/12)
910 Chestnut St. 21+                                                        

6pm The Liberty Tubes (Alternative)

7pm The Summercamp (Pop)

8pm Tilted Shadows (Rock)

9pm Pretty Tombs (Alternative)

10pm Shaq Nicholson (Other)




Federal Galley (Friday 7/12)
200 Children’s Way Outside All Ages                                             

5pm Ashley Mullens featuring Gregg Campayno (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Reliable Child (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm Hexen (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm Samantha Sears (Singer/Songwriter)

9pm Dan Petrich (Singer/Songwriter)

10pm Jeremy Caywood (Singer/Songwriter)




Max’s Allegheny Rathskeller (Friday 7/12)
537 Suismon St. All Ages

6pm Wild Talk (Indie Rock)

7pm Douglas Lowell Blevins (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm Mr. Fancy Pants (Indie Rock)

9pm The Petals (Alternative)

10pm Fake Accents (Punk)




St. Mary’s Lyceum (Friday 7/12)
910 Chestnut St. 21+                                                       

7pm Damaged Pies (Indie Rock)

8pm The Beagle Brothers (Country)

9pm Brahctopus (Other)

10pm fuck yeah, dinosaurs! (Punk)




Teutonia Mannerchor (Friday 7/12)
857 Phineas St. Inside 21+                                              

5pm Lem (Folk)

6pm Appalachian Doom Gospel (Folk)

7pm String Machine (Indie Rock)

8pm The Shadow Event (Rock)

9pm Marquis Of Vaudeville (Dallas, TX) (Alternative)




Teutonia Mannerchor Tent (Friday 7/12)
857 Phineas St. Outside All Ages

6pm Secret Eyes (Rock)

7pm The Fading Light (Alternative)

8pm Strange Cocktail (Indie Rock)




Siempre Algo (Friday 7/12)
414 East Ohio St. All Ages                                              

5pm Diviaped (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Meghan King Johnson (Folk)

7pm Rowan (Folk)

8pm Pat Lanips (Folk)

9pm Dan McCoy (Singer/Songwriter)




Mike’s Beer Bar (Friday 7/12)
110 Federal St. All Ages                                                  

6pm SuiSideburns (Rock)

7pm Rebel Revolver (Rock)

8pm The High Level (Rock

9pm Ruby Claire’s Dead Flowers (Rock)

10pm – 1am TJ Isenberg (Rock)




The Pittsburgh Current Stage (Friday 7/12)
831 W. North Ave 21+

8pm Identity X (Alternative)

9pm Keith Smith (R&B/Hip Hop)

10pm Moemaw Naedon (R&B/Hip Hop)




Park House (Friday 7/12)
403 East Ohio St 21+

9pm Elkhound (Rock)



Saturday, July 13

Park Stage (Saturday 7/13)
Allegheny Commons East Outside – All Ages

11am OHM Project (Alternative)

12pm The Whelming Waters (Alternative)

1pm Avi Diamond (Folk)

2pm Lindsay Dragan And Her Band (Folk)

3pm Ferdinand the Bull (Folk)

4pm The Moat Rats (Rock)

5pm Buffalo Rose (Folk)

6pm iNCO FIdO (Other)

7pm The Tamburitzens (Other)

7:30pm Bindley Hardware Co. (Country)

8:30pm Raelyn Nelson Band (Nashville, TN) (Country)




HughShows (Main) Stage (Saturday 7/13)
Foreland and Middle Streets Outside – All Ages

12pm Snowdonia (Indie Rock)

1pm Lexa Terrestrial (Hip Hop/R&B)

2pm Olga Watkins Band (Other)

3pm Ryan Hoffman and the Pioneers (Folk)

4pm Jack Swing (Rock)

5pm Chet Vincent and the Big Bend (Indie Rock)

6pm The Van Allen Belt (Alternative)

7pm The Human Circuit (Austin, TX) (Rock)

8pm Sierra Sellers (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Bastard Bearded Irishmen (Celtic Rock)

10pm Bill Henry Band (Hip Hop/R&B)




Skyline Stage (Saturday 7/13)
Allegheny Commons Park Outside All Ages

2pm The Down Above (Rock)

3pm Stone Cold Killer (Rock)

4pm or the Duck Dies (Rock)

5pm Murder for Girls (Punk)

6pm Chip & The Charge Ups (Rock)

7pm Smokey Bellows (Rock)

8pm Pet Clinic (Rock)

9pm BBGuns (Hip Hop/R&B)




Grand Hall at the Priory (Saturday 7/13)
614 Pressley St All Ages

3pm Pixelated (Rock)

4pm Same Moon (Rock)

5pm Heather Kropf (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm The Semi-Supervillains (Rock)

7pm LoFi Delphi (Rock)

8pm Dinosoul (Indie Rock)

9pm Venus In Furs (Alternative)




Threadbare Tent (Saturday 7/13)
1291 Spring Garden Ave Outside – All Ages

1pm Still Not Sober (Other)

2pm Elias Khouri(Rock)

3pm Cpx3 (Hip Hop/R&B)

4pm Mark Lykkos & The Kinsey Five

5pm Orange Mammoth (Indie Rock)

6pm Bonnie & the Mere Mortals (Folk)

7pm Nightly Standard (Rock)

8pm Honey Prism (Indie Rock)




Threadbare Restaurant (Saturday 7/13)
1291 Spring Garden Ave All Ages

2pm Megan Pennington (Folk)

3pm The Folk Project (Campbellsville, KY) (Folk)

4pm David Hipchen (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Daryl Shawn (Other)

6pm Dennis Malley (Other)

7pm Six O’Matic (Other)

8pm Lily Harvey (Singer/Songwriter)

9pm Katie Dee & The Quaking Aspens (Folk)

10pm Nathan Gerard Janov (Singer/Songwriter)




Arnold’s Tea (Saturday 7/13)
502 E. Ohio St. All Ages

12pm Brian Junker (Folk)

1pm Gary Prisby (Singer/Songwriter)

2pm Jay Michaels (Singer/Songwriter)

3pm Sadie’s Song (Singer/Songwriter)

4pm C. Frank (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Donna O (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Johnny Stanec (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm Alyssa Hankey (Folk)

8pm Caleb Pogyor (Singer/Songwriter)




Elks Lodge #339 (Saturday 7/13)
400 Cedar Ave. 21+

6pm  Angela Autumn & The New Makers (Folk)

7pm  Stone Throwers (Indie Rock)

8pm The Dead End Streets (Folk)

9pm Maria Carrelli (Detroit, MI) (Folk)

10pm The Real Sea (Indie Rock)

11pm André Costello and the Cool Minors (Rock)




Allegheny City Brewery (Saturday 7/13)
507 Foreland Ave. All Ages

3pm Six Demon Bag (Indie Rock)

4pm Jessica Rosario (Pop)

5pm Clint Bleil Quartet (Jazz)

6pm Good Ship Gibraltar (Indie Rock)

7pm Sam Stucky (Indie Rock)

8pm Rave Ami (Reggae)

9pm Tetchy (Brooklyn, NY) (Alternative)

10pm Brother From Another Mother (Indie Rock)




PGH Winery Satellite (Saturday 7/13)
709 East St. 21+

4pm Revival Choir (Indie Rock)

5pm Matt Seibel (Electronic)

6pm Crew of the Half Moon (Indie Rock)

7pm Moemaw Naedon (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Gallo Locknez (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Blue Vervain (Fort Lee, NJ) (Indie Rock)

10pm Essential Machine (Indie Rock)

11pm Shrouded In Neglect (Metal/Hardcore)




Javor Croation National Hall (Saturday7/13)
805 East St. All Ages

3pm Yaro and the Static (Rock)

4pm Gentleman Brawlers (Brooklyn, NY) (Jazz)

5pm Vazum (Detroit, MI) (Rock)




Straub Stage at Deutschtown Center (Saturday 7/13)
801 Vinial St. Outside All Ages      

5pm Kanti Kasa (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Identity X (Rock)

7pm Dr. HollyHood (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Only Flesh (Metal/Hardcore)

9pm T.K. KAVI (Hip Hop/Rock)




Local Brewhouse (Saturday 7/13)
140 Federal St. All Ages  

4pm Dan Stonerook and the Wounded Moose (Rock)

5pm Oceans to Ash (Metal/Hardcore)

6pm Merz, Miller & The Wolves (Indie Rock)

7pm The Night’s Watch (Metal/Hardcore)

8pm Goest Ryder (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Kaelber (Rock)




Wigle Whiskey (Saturday 7/13)
1055 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

12pm The Sun Champs (Rock)

1pm ForeverWEST (Hip Hop/R&B)

2pm Big Blitz (Electronic)

3pm The Electric Army (Rock)

4pm Vapo Reeves (Hip Hop/R&B)

5pm Hear Tonight (Indie Rock)

6pm The Cliffdogs (Indie Rock)

7pm Soda Club (Alternative)


9pm Suavity’s Mouthpiece (Pop)




St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement (Saturday 7/13)
910 Chestnut St. 21+ 

5pm Hell’s Oasis (Indie Rock)

6pm Street Pigeons (Rock)

7pm Gator Shakes  (Metal/Hardcore)

8pm Kid Durango (Punk)

9pm Kleptosonic (Rock)

10pm Rat Tits (Rock)




Penn Brewery Restaurant (Saturday 7/13)
800 Vinial St. All Ages

3pm Princess Nostalgia (Alternative)

4pm The Universe Online (Indie Rock)

5pm James Vivirito (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Paul Tabachneck (Folk)

7pm saltlick (Alternative)

8pm Distelfink (Jazz)




Verdetto’s (Saturday 7/13)
814 Madison Ave. 21+

5pm Shifted Past (Alternative)

6pm Ugly Blondes (Alternative)

7pm Water Trash (Rock)

8pm The Stedwells (Rock)

9pm Adelaide in Autumn (Rock)

10pm Scott Fry Experience (Indie Rock)




Federal Galley (Saturday 7/13)
200 Children’s Way Outside All Ages  

2pm Jor (Hip Hop/R&B)

3pm Villainess (Rock)

4pm The Fall Down (Alternative)

5pm AE Honick & Friends (Rock)

6pm SOLARBURN (Rock)

7pm Ishtar Vintage Bellydance Band (Other)

8pm Optimistic Apocalypse (Alternative)

9pm Of Sea and Stone (St. Louis/Nashville, MO/TN) (Folk)

10pm Slim and Red (Indie Rock)




Max’s Allegheny Rathskeller (Saturday 7/13)
537 Suismon St. All Ages

5pm Plasma Arc (Electronic)

6pm NORM (Indie Rock)

7pm Paul Labrise and Friends (Indie Rock)

8pm Turnpike Gardens (Rock)

9pm Sound Elevator (Alternative)

10pm Sorry, I’m Dead (Punk)

11pm Rocky Dennis Face (Punk)





St. Mary’s Lyceum (Saturday 7/13)
910 Chestnut St. 21+

6pm War Street (Alternative)

7pm Bingo Quixote (Indie Rock)

8pm The Bleil Brothers (Jazz)

9pm vireo (Indie Rock)

10pm The Skratchtrax (Punk)

11pm The Long Hunt (Rock)




Penn Brewery Terrace (Saturday 7/13)
800 Vinial St. Outside All Ages

7pm Soul Shine Overdrive (Rock)

8pm Thirty Years Later (Rock)

9pm Blue Clutch (Rock)

10pm Typhoid Rosie (Brooklyn, NY) (Alternative)

11pm Paddy the Wanderer (Indie Rock)




Penn Brewery Biergarten (Saturday 7/13)
800 Vinial St. Outside All Ages

3pm Tupelo and Noah (Singer/Songwriter)

4pm Middle Children (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Hearken (Alternative)

6pm Thom Hunter and the Rocket Surgeons (Rock)




Blacksmith Studio (Saturday 7/13)
900 Middle St. All Ages

1pm The Zells (Indie Rock)

2pm Princex / Just Fern (Hip-Hop/R&B)

3pm Flower Crown (Indie Rock)

4pm TOP nachos (Queens, NY) (Rock)

5pm Eyebawl (Wilmington, DE) (Alternative)

6pm Grace Vonderkuhn (Wilmington, DE) (Alternative)

7pm Silver Car Crash (Punk)

8pm Niku Daruma (Other)

9pm The Weird Paul Rock Band (Rock)




Penn Brewery Eisenhall (Saturday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. St. All Ages

2pm Jess Klein and the Good Time (Folk)

3pm Gallatin Hall (Folk)

4pm Brewer’s Row (Indie Rock)

5pm Letitia VanSant (Baltimore, MD) (Folk)

6pm Decaffeinated Grapefruit (Alternative)

7pm Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six (Folk)

8pm Victory At The Crossroads (Alternative)

9pm Walkman (Hip Hop/R&B)




Kaffeehaus (Saturday 7/13)
1022 Chestnut St. Outside – All Ages

1pm Three Factions (Rock)

2pm Victoria Morgan (Pop)

3pm TV 2000 (Rock)

4pm Cathy Stewart and the Conspirators (Other)




East St. Beer Garage (Saturday 7/13)
807 East St Outside All Ages

2pm GutterRich (Alternative)

3pm 9Sundays (Rock)

4pm Gladstone Deluxe (Electronic)

5pm Neostem (Alternative)

6pm Hepcat Dilemma (Alternative)

7pm Bstrok (Franklin, MA) (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Charlie Wheeler Band  (Rock)




East Commons Fountain (Saturday 7/13)

1pm Vocal Confluence (Other)

3pm Colonel Eagleburger’s Highstepping Goodtime Band   (Folk)




Siempre Algo (Saturday 7/13)
414 East Ohio St. All Ages

5pm Jon Bañuelos (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm WYEP Singer-Songwriter Competition (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm WYEP Singer-Songwriter Competition (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm Jordan York (Pop)

9pm Bia (Singer/Songwriter)

10pm Paul Eisert (Singer/Songwriter)




Mike’s Beer Bar (Saturday 7/13)
110 Federal St. All Ages

6pm HABATAT (Jazz)

7pm Zoom Grand Caravan (Alternative)

8pm James Wolff (Rock)

9pm Different Places in SPACE (Rock)

10pm – 1am theCAUSE (Rock)




Youth Stage (Saturday 7/13)
James St. and Suismon St. Outside All Ages

1pm School of Rock South Hills House Band (Rock)

2pm Self-Seriousness (Rock)

3pm MellowPhobia (Alternative)

4pm Sophia Blake (Pop)

5pm The Allies (Alternative)

6pm This Is The World (Rock)

7pm Safety Last (Alternative)

8pm Sunburst School of Music House Band (Rock)




Teutonia Mannerchor Tent (Saturday 7/13)
857 Phineas St Outside All Ages

5pm Witch Baby (Folk)

6pm Hen Pills (Indie Rock)

7pm Iron & Rope (Alternative)

8pm Echo Lightwave Unspeakable (Other)

9pm The Low Kings (Celtic Rock)




Teutonia Mannerchor (Saturday 7/13)
857 Phineas St 21+

3pm The Shameless Hex (Folk)

4pm Younger (Indie Rock)

5pm Bitter Whiskers (Folk)

6pm Jenny and the Jags (Rock)

7pm Sean Howard Orchestra (Folk)

8pm Alan Getto (Folk)

9pm Jordan McLaughlin and the Fourth Hour (Folk)

10pm townsppl (Folk)




Annex (Saturday 7/13)
522 East Ohio St. All Ages

12pm Jordan Auth (Singer/Songwriter)

1pm Morgan Erina (Singer/Songwriter)

2pm Brad Yoder (Singer/Songwriter)

3pm Zoob (Singer/Songwriter)

4pm Danny Rectenwald (Singer/Songwriter)




The Government Center (Saturday 7/13)
519 E Ohio St All Ages

1pm Lorenzo’s Oil (Other)

2pm There You Are (Alternative)

3pm Native Alloys (Alternative)

4pm Strange Monsters (Indie Rock)

5pm Venus Monolith (Rock)

6pm Dumplings (Indie Rock)

7pm Crystal Lee Morgan (Pop)

8pm Los Vampiros Amarillos (Rock)

9pm Swampwalk (Electronic)

10pm The Nox Boys (Rock)




Bier’s Pub (Saturday 7/13)
900 Western Ave All Ages

7pm Red Beans and Rice Combo (Folk)




Park House (Saturday 7/13)
403 East Ohio St 21+

9pm The Pump Fakes (Rock)