Song: “Killing the Au Pair”

Artist: Sommelier

Album: Single Release

Year Released: 2022

Genre: Pop / Post-Punk

Local Connection: Band formed in Greensburg in Spring 2020 during quarantine

Did you know? Sommelier (pronounced suh-muhl-yei) is a wine seward, or highly trained wine professional who tests through four levels of knowledge: introductory, certified, advanced, and master




PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Termites”

Album: Hayday

Year Released: 2021

Genre: Fuzz Rock

Local Connection: Band formed in Pittsburgh in 2021

Did you know? feeble little horse has signed to Saddle Creek Records, who will re-issue their debut full-length on vinyl



PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Ahimsa”

Artist: Sapphirecut (w/ Jake Knights)

Album: Single Release

Year Released: 2018

Genre: Trance

Local Connection: Born and raised in Pittsburgh

Did you know? Sapphirecut (Megan Taylor) got her stage name when she realized that a sapphire needle is used to create a dub plate as she was helping physically balance a friend’s new dub plate press and learned that these were used as the original template of vinyls












































PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “All I Want”

Artist: Cristina Black

Album: The Ditty Sessions

Year Released: 2010

Genre: Pop

Local Connection: Born and raised in Pittsburgh

Did you know? Cristina Black has written articles for various publications including The Village Voice, Nylon, Dazed and Confused, Time Out New York, and LA Weekly










































PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Pointless”

Artist: Thirty Years Later

Album: The Deep Now

Year Released: 2021

Genre: Rock

Local Connection: Band formed in Pittsburgh in 2013

Did you know? Thirty Years Later members Joe Hale (Guitar/Vocals) and Gary Burdelski started playing together in 1982 in the band Zero Factor. Subsequent bands included Quest, Blind Vengeance, Lone Rangers, Steel Henge, The Amazements, Half Pound Hot Dog and Javerblöö

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Sangreal”

Artist: Horehound

Album: Horehound

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Heavy Metal

Local Connection: Formed in Pittsburgh in 2015

Did you know? Horehound vocalist Shy Kennedy runs the record label Blackseed as well as organizing the Descendents of Crom festival










































PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “A Grand Nite for Swinging”

Artist: Mary Lou Williams

Album: Mary Lou Williams

Year Released: 1951

Genre: Jazz

Local Connection: Grew up in Pittsburgh

Did you know? She is one of three women to appear in the iconic photograph by Art Kane “A Great Day in Harlem” in 1958

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Suicide Blonde”

Artist: INXS

Album: X

Year Released: 1990

Genre: Rock

Local Connection: Last song as the encore INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence ever played in public at the Coca-Cola Starlake Amphitheater outside of Pittsburgh in Burgettstown, PA on September 27th, 1997 before his untimely death less than a month later

Did you know? INXS carried on without their charismatic lead singer until 2012 when they announced onstage in their native Australia at a concert opening for Matchbox Twenty that they were disbanding for good

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “esketit”

Artist: lys scott

Album: punk kidwell

Year Released: 2022

Genre: Rap

Local Connection: Resides in Pittsburgh

Did you know? lys scott’s debut full-length squashed dreams and broken wings was released in June of 2021

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Two Kinds of Love”

Artist: LaRue June

Album: The Sadness

Year Released: 2021

Genre: Folk

Local Connection: Formed near Pittsburgh in 2020

Did you know? LaRue June is the solo project from Casey Hanner, lead singer and guitarist for the indie pop band Donora

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Star in Your Own Life”

Artist: Nia Sioux

Album: Single Release

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Pop

Local Connection: Born in Pittsburgh in 2001

Did you know? Nia Sioux gained attention as the longest tenured dancer on the TV program Dance Moms

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Algo Bueno”

Artist: Roy Eldridge (w/Dizzy Gillespie)

Album: Roy and Diz

Year Released: 1954

Genre: Swing

Local Connection: Born in Pittsburgh in 1911

Did you know?  Roy Eldridge, as the featured trumpet soloist in Artie Shaw and Gene Krupa’s bands, was something of an exception, as black musicians in the 1930s were not allowed to appear in public with white bands

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Song: “Pushing Daisies”

Artist: Big Hurry

Album: Gets Me Low

Year Released: 2011

Genre: Indie Rock

Local Connection: Band formed in Pittsburgh in 2008

Did you know?  Big Hurry played their last show before disbanding at Brillobox on Oct 21, 2011

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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Lineup and set times subject to change

Friday, July 22, 2022

 412 Brewery

7pm         DJ Pulse

 Artist Image Resource

5pm         Lexa Terrestrial

6pm         Ms. Tenaj

7pm         Ronni Weiss Trio

8pm         Club Hula Ent

9pm         Sluzzo Nell

 Allegheny City Brewery

5pm         Old Game

6pm         Hepcat Dilemma

7pm         Dan Koshute

8pm         King Catfish

9pm         GutterRich

10pm       Bleach Fuzz

 Allegheny City Brewery Beer Garden

5pm         Jessica Bella Band

6pm         IRE

7pm         Law Jaw

8pm         Native Alloys

 City of Asylum

6pm         Ira Soul

7pm         Folkland Los

8pm         The Daydreamers

9pm         CyCy Couture

 Straub 150th Anniversary Stage at Comfort Inn

4pm         Brewer’s Row

5pm         Erika June and the Tunes

6pm         The Vics

7pm         Flock of walri

8pm         Black Ridge

9pm         Zachary Lee’s Interstate Daydream

 East St. Beer

5pm         Rave Mustaine

6pm         Milpool

7pm         Aria Jay

8pm         Find Ethel

 Elks Lodge #339

6pm         Jeff Perigo & Friends

7pm         The Boneshakers

8pm         Moonshine Jasmine

9pm         The Nox Boys

10pm       The Low Kings

 Foreland Stage

3pm         Boonie The Kid

4pm         The Super Babes

5pm         Care Package

6pm         Miss Freddye’s Blues Band

7pm         Leila Rhodes

8pm         Bill Henry Band

9pm         Grand Piano

10pm       Sierra Sellers

 The Government Center

5pm         Dumplings

6pm         Pat Coyle

7pm         I4A

8pm         BusCrates

9pm         Boy Wonders

10pm       The Sewerheads

 Grand Hall at The Priory

5pm         moontown

6pm         The Shiners

7pm         Keystone Vibe

8pm         Stone Throwers

9pm         Dave Shepherd

 First National Stage at Suismon

4pm         The Sneaky Heat Missiles

5pm         Modern Fossils


7pm         Brightside

8pm         The Redlines

9pm         Water Trash

 James St. Ballroom presented by Pittsburgh Winery

3pm         Akrasia

4pm         Pronoia

5pm         Kenny Stockard

6pm         Moe Seager Blue Jazz band

7pm         The Mixus Brothers

8pm         The Clunkers

9pm         JM the Poet

10pm       Jordan Montgomery

 North Shore Tavern

5pm         Often Wrong

7pm         Madeline Jo

9pm         7 Mile Run

11pm       Aqua D

 Max’s Ratskellar

6pm         Louie Castle Band

7pm         Sahayra

8pm         Anxiety At Best

9pm         Paging Doctor Moon

10pm       Olive Dares the Darkness

 Mike’s Beer Bar

4pm         The Hipsters

6pm         NO X IN NIXON

8pm         Wicked Chief

10pm       Evan Dean Band

 Monterey Pub

6pm         Ruby

7pm         Paul Eisert

8pm         Wayne Beck

9pm         James Vivirito

 Highmark Park Stage

3pm         Wild Blue Yonder

4pm         Tjuan Benafactor

5pm         Mani Bahia & The Mob

6pm         Slam Band & Sam

7pm         Cisco Kid

8pm         Big Blitz

Penn Brewery Eisenhall powered by Kallop Sound Solutions

5pm         chaoticstyle playing for Metamind

6pm         Wink B2B Dj dirtnap playing for subsanctuary

7pm         Rush Promo

8pm         native impulse playing for uprise

9pm         metaterrestrial playing for uprise

10pm       Johnny quest playing for Ambient alchemist

11pm       Partners in Crime in Mad Bar

 Penn Brewery Restaurant

5pm         Distelfink

6pm         Alyssa Hankey

7pm         Coltt Winter Lepley

8pm         Dan Petrich

 Penn Brewery Terrace

4pm         Douglas Lowell Blevins

5pm         Your Siiick

6pm         The Shameless Hex

7pm         The Heavy Lids

8pm         Same

9pm         Raviner

10pm       Lead Singer Wanted

 Peace and Unity in the Community Stage curated by Paradise Gray (Skyline Stage)

                Activities and Lineup / Set times TBA

 St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement

6pm         The Daryl Shawn Combination

7pm         Specialists

8pm         Hood Gang

9pm         TBA

10pm       Warehouse 11

 St. Mary’s Lyceum

7pm         Border Radio

8pm         Dylan Rooke

9pm         Witch Baby

10pm       Plumbob

 Teutonia Mannerchor

5pm         Eligha Jones

6pm         Wine and Spirit

7pm         Identity X

8pm         AE Honick

9pm         Egomyth

10pm       Bear Totem

 Threadbare Restaurant

4pm         Evan Lybrand

5pm         Acoustic Something

6pm         Samantha Press

7pm         Cody Piper

8pm         Pierce Dipner

9pm         Lilac Heart

 Threadbare Tent

6pm         Tuk + The Big Brass Ones

7pm         rchrd prkr

8pm         Single Jo


7pm         Roam Free

8pm         The Freeloaders

9pm         Knauer Brothers

10pm       The Dwellingtons

11pm       Bird Brain Breakfast

 Vinial St. Stage

5pm         It Lives

6pm         Wax Brain

7pm         Gator Shakes


5pm         Frog Legs

6pm         Date Nite

7pm         Snowdonia

8pm         WESTLAKE

 YMR Club

5pm         Everyone Hates Everything

6pm         saltlick

7pm         Black Hole Zion

8pm         CROSSOVER

9pm         The Richard Move

10pm       The Maplewaves

11pm       Heinous Bienfang

12am       MINIMA

Saturday, July 23, 2022


 412 Brewery

7pm         DJ Pulse

 Artist Image Resource

2pm         Lee Robinson & ISKA

3pm         Allen J

4pm         the classifieds

5pm         MulaDaGreat

6pm         TBA

7pm         Yung Delirious

8pm         Echo Lightwave Unspeakable

 Allegheny City Brewery

3pm         Adelaide in Autumn

4pm         Treaties

5pm         Porters

6pm         The Damn Long Hairs

7pm         Wild Planes

8pm         XOCH

9pm         Reggaelar People

10pm       Moonspeaker

 Allegheny City Brewery Beer Garden

1pm         overtheweather

2pm         Bobby Thompson and The Groove

3pm         Feast on the Fallen

4pm         Moonroof

5pm         Kid Durango

6pm         Bikini Islands

7pm         Tim Vitullo Band

 City of Asylum

3pm         Gin Ether

4pm         Joe Matzzie

5pm         Kanti Kasa

6pm         Kev Reason

7pm         Reasun & Proseed

8pm         DFRNTFRM & DJ Blacklisted

  Straub 150th Anniversary Stage at Comfort Inn

2pm         The Sun Champs

3pm         The Semi-Supervillains

4pm         Bonnie & the Mere Mortals

5pm         Hell’s Oasis

6pm         God Hates Unicorns

7pm         The Moat Rats

8pm         Bastard Bearded Irishmen


 East Commons Fountain

TBA          Eagleburger Band

TBA          Timbeleza

 East St. Beer

2pm         Mojo Prophet

3pm         Overload in Stereo

4pm         Rover

5pm         Breakdown Band

6pm         SAMSARA.

7pm         Bloomfield Pest Control

8pm         Dream The Heavy

 Elks #339 presented by  Liveburgh Studios

6pm         Aris Paul Band

7pm         Flubdub

8pm         Service Turkey

9pm         Kurtosis

10pm       Forestry Division

 Foreland Stage

12pm       Skye Light

1pm         Trevolta

2pm         Connie Roses

3pm         Murder for Girls

4pm         The Weird Paul Rock Band

5pm         Chip & The Charge Ups

6pm         Melt

7pm         Chandra Rhyme

8pm         Shelf Life String Band

9pm         INEZ

10pm       Joe Grusheky and The Houserockers

 Garden Café

1pm         Skylar Love

2pm         Adam Fitz

3pm         Sachem Orenda

4pm         Sarah Halter

 The Government Center presented by Crafted Sounds

1pm          Tosser

2pm         Javerbloo

3pm         Gaadge

4pm         Flower Crown

5pm         BRNDA

6pm         lys scott

7pm         Eyebawl

8pm         Grace Vonderkuhn

9pm         The Zells

10pm       Rave Ami

 Grand Hall at The Priory

3pm         2020k

4pm         Frame and Mantle

5pm         Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes

6pm         Hemlock for Socrates

7pm         iNCO FIdO

8pm         Back Alley Sound

9pm         Royce


 James St. Ballroom presented by Misra Records

2pm         Elias Khouri Band

3pm         Halloway Williams

4pm         Gabriella Salvucci

5pm         Chet Vincent and the Music Industry

6pm         ALLISSA

7pm         Anti-Corn League

8pm         The Living Street

9pm         The Middle Room

10pm       The Struggle Bus

11pm       SUREFIRE

 First National Stage at Suismon presented by Sunburst School of Music

1pm         Impossible Burghers

2pm         Andmore

3pm         Sunburnt

 First National Stage at Suismon presents 2022 WPA Juneteenth Homecoming Celebration 4-9pm

4pm         Soul Raydio Band

5pm         The Flow Band

6pm         Celeb DJ Marlon of WAMO 107.3

 Max’s Ratskellar

4pm         Killin’ Me

5pm         Story At Nine

6pm         Outside Eliza

7pm         Middle Children

8pm         Kiss Me Deadly

9pm         Repo Man

10pm       The Lagunas

11pm        J Roger Davis Music and BLK Forest Ham

 Mike’s Beer Bar


5pm         Mirabelle Skipworth (Full Band)

7pm         We’re Almost Home

9pm         The Dang Band

11pm       Jackamo

 Monterey Pub

5pm         Brian DiSanto

6pm         Elena Bishop

7pm         Aloha Salvation

8pm         One Ray

9pm         Cesca Violet

 North Shore Tavern

2pm         Cpt. Bisquick

4pm         Pancake Susan

6pm         False Positive

8pm         Northern Gold

10pm       Blind Choice

12am       Jack Burton Overdrive

  Highmark Park Stage

11am       OHM Project

12pm       Woodland Creatures

1pm         ChaRon Don

2pm         Jennie Angel/solo artist

3pm         Sommelier

4pm         Lindsay Dragan And Her Band

5pm         The Dead End Streets

6pm         Working Breed

7pm         Amoeba Knievel

 Park Stage 2 presented by Lemon Tree Records

12pm       Westinghouse Atom Smasher

1pm         Danvers

2pm         Plasmid

3pm         God’s Green Apples

4pm         Old Neon

5pm         The Quiet Loud

6pm         Mai Khou

7pm         Essential Machine

8pm         Ma’aM

 Penn Brewery Biergarten

2pm         ØPALS

3pm         Honest Babes

4pm         Chelsea Biehl

5pm         Bia Dao

 Penn Brewery Eisenhall powered by Kallop Sound Solutions

5pm         AtomMcTom playing for plur kingdom

5:30pm   Ellesd playing for plur kingdom

6pm         2stepTuesdays

7pm          Nick E. P. DNA events

8pm          Chris Maze playing for bassburgh

9pm          Khan Kuma playing for ambient alchemist

10pm        Funk Masta Fletch playing for pgh funk fam

11pm         Quack Daddy playing for slayd productions

 Penn Brewery Restaurant

3pm         B Man

4pm         Brad Wagner

5pm         Diiviine

6pm         Donna O

7pm         Berry Breene w/ Kelsey Robinson & Mike Michael McCormick

8pm         Paz and Ukulele Eddie

 Penn Brewery Terrace

7pm         Swampwalk

8pm         Shifted Past

9pm         Thirty Years Later

10pm       Typhoid Rosie

11pm       The Bleepy Things

 Peace and Unity in the Community Stage curated by Paradise Gray (Skyline Stage)

                Activities and Lineup / Set times TBA

 St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement

5pm         3 Leagues to Rome

6pm         Coexist

7pm         Redd Up Rhonda

8pm         Demos Papadimas

9pm         The Damaged Pies

 St. Mary’s Lyceum

5pm         SamJAMwich

6pm         Mellowscape

7pm         Trinity Wiseman Band

8pm         Steve Ludwig and the Casual Hobos

9pm         Emptier

10pm       From Red Sun

 Teutonia Mannerchor

3pm         Scott Fry Experience

4pm         Tempered

5pm         TBA

6pm         The Night’s Watch

7pm         Catatoneya

8pm         Sound Servent

9pm         Ishtar Bellydance Band

10pm       Famous Kind Streak

 Threadbare Restaurant

2pm         Mike Swindell

3pm         Brian Junker

4pm         Jacian Blaze

5pm         Danny Rectenwald

6pm         Sloane Simon

7pm         Devin Sherman

8pm         Ken Turetzky

9pm         Standard Candles

10pm       Taylor Tuke

 Threadbare Tent

2pm         The Last Root

3pm         Go For The Gold

4pm         Seven Mile Detour

5pm         Desolence

6pm         Absolution Key

7pm         Matt King & The Dukes of St. Clair


5pm         The Employers

6pm         Sundog

7pm         Bradley

8pm         9sundays

9pm         Rurally Bankrupt

10pm       Drown the Deep

 Vinial St. Stage

3pm         Prime 8

4pm         Outrun Infinity

5pm         Skarlett Sky

6pm         Post Traumatik

7pm         LEPROSY


2pm         Choice Words

3pm         Tokyo Sayonara

4pm         SkaMen

5pm         Tomorrow, When

6pm         Lone Crow Rebellion

7pm         The Baker’s Basement

8pm         Veronica

9pm         Hold Fast

 YMR Club

7pm         Gloom doom

8pm         Villainess

9pm         fuck yeah, dinosaurs!

10pm       The Chad Sipes Stereo

11pm       Shallowpoint

12am       Dead Sin

1am         Rat Tits

Sunday, July 24, 2022

 ACAC Presents: Gospel, Games and Grub at The Park Stage

10am  UIF Performing Arts: UIF Singers/Singers 101

10:30  UIF Performing Arts: Joseph Musical Preview/UI Dance Groups

11am   ACAC/UIF Mass Children’s Choir

11:30   ACAC Music (Singers, Band, Orchestra)

 Foreland Stage

12pm   Lez Paul

1pm     The Subclass

2pm     Love Dumpster

3pm     Reliable Child

4pm     Strums & Drums

5pm     The Moon My Twin

6pm     Devin Moses & The Saved



Song: “Keep Pushing Me Underwater”

Artist: Yotzeret Sheydim

Album: Teaching Myself to Swim Through Barbed Wire

Year Released: 2021

Genre: Noise

Local Connection: Currently resides in Pittsburgh

Did you know?  Yotzeret Sheydim also releases music under the moniker WRETCHED CRAWLER and creates jewelry, instruments, sculptures, and experimental art as Alyxill

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

Support Yotzeret Sheydim

You’ve heard it all before. But if you remain skeptical without a cup how will you overflow? Everybody doubts. Where did your certainty go? You were sure of it a minute ago.

Tiny Dinosaur is a band from New Orleans that makes folk music for the mass extinction event. Layers of harmonies over bizarre, humorous, and retrospective lyrics with a healthy side of slick guitar riffs. Their latest album entitled Songs for the Mass Extinction Event was released last month and they stop in Pittsburgh this Saturday, May 28th on their Spring tour. I want to thank Pittsburgh native Josey Krafczynski (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?
Don’t remember the first album I ever bought (maybe Wolfmother’s self-titled album or Black Sabbath’s greatest hits?) but the first album I ever owned was …Baby One More Time by Brittney Spears.

Your last album bought?
Another Side by Leo Nocentelli.

Favorite album of all time?
Exile on Main St. – The Rolling Stones. I know it’s well over-played but it’s one of the few that I do The Beatles’ Abbey Road but I also absolutely love Selling England by the Pound by Genesis.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?
As a big Father John Misty fan I was incredibly disappointed with Pure Comedy (2017).

First concert attended?
Man I feel old now I don’t remember my first concert at all. My family always went to the Disney ice shows and those are sort of musicals so we’ll say that?

Last concert?
My last big concert that I went to was Elton John which was phenomenal and I’m so glad I got to see him–he told us before the show (which was supposed to happen in May of 2020) that we had been holding tickets for like 700 days or something to go to the show.

Favorite concert ever?
My first Modest Mouse concert is still my favorite ever. I found myself dancing and singing to songs by them that I didn’t think I liked. It was also just great to see them after being a huge fan for a long time. It was a gorgeous day and being outside for the show was a nice bonus.

Least favorite concert?
I saw mewithoutYou a few years ago as an opener for Pedro the Lion and I did not like the show at all. We got there a few minutes late which was our fault but mewithYou played a really short set and I had no interest in Pedro the Lion. My date also bailed on going to the show with me which rubbed salt in the wound a little bit.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
The last time I visited I went to the Vanka murals and I haven’t stopped talking about them since. They are truly unique and something I will recommend to anyone in the city. When I lived in Pittsburgh though I had a lot of great nights doing karaoke at Nico’s–something about getting a pitcher, chain smoking cigarettes, and watching your friends sing really feels like home.



Thanks, Josey. I appreciate and mirror your enthusiasm for the Vanko Murals. Such an amazing treasure just a few miles down 28 North.



Support Tiny Dinosaur


Song: “Bed Bug Boogie”

Artist: Chizmo Charles

Album: Up All Night

Year Released: 1999

Genre: Blues

Local Connection: Born in Pittsburgh in 1928

Did you know?  Chizmo Charles began singing in the 1950’s but did not release his first solo album until 1999 at age 70

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

Support Chizmo Charles


Song: “Ordinary People”

Artist: Danniebell Hall

Album: Let Me Have a Dream

Year Released: 1976

Genre: Gospel

Local Connection: Born in Pittsburgh in 1938

Did you know?  Danniebelle Hall learned to play piano at the age of three and played piano in her church

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

Support Danniebell Hall


Song: “Love in Bloom”

Artist: Leo Robin (Bing Crosby)

Album: She Loves Me Not

Year Released: 1934

Genre: Popular

Local Connection: Born in Pittsburgh in 1900

Did you know?  Leo Robin (lyrics) and Ralph Rainger (music), with over 50 hit songs, became the leading film songwriting duo of the ’30s and early ’40s

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

Support Leo Robin


Song: “You Don’t Know What Love Is”

Artist: Kendra Ross

Album: Single Release

Year Released: 2020

Genre: Neo-Soul

Local Connection: Born near Pittsburgh in 1975

Did you know?  Kendra Ross is an independent feminist scholar and cultural anthropologist who holds a PhD in Community Engagement from Point Park University

PittSongs is a non-chronological history of Pittsburgh music

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