HughShows TV

HughShowsTV began in 2015 at Pittsburgh Community Television as the only monthly, live, local, music performance show featuring the best independent musicians from Pittsburgh, PA.
Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Yost at Just-Records.


Meeting of Important People

Bastard Bearded Irishmen

Morgan Erina

Different Places in SPACE

André Costello and the Cool Minors

Emily Rodgers Band

Sleep Experiments

Zak Kane (Grand Piano)

Chet Vincent/Midge Crickett

Kayla Schureman

Zack Keim (The Nox Boys)

Angela Autumn

The Petals

The Struggle Bus



Chrome Moses

Thirty Years Later

Wreck Loose

Daily Grind

Peezy Loco

Deven Tyler

Weird Paul Rock Band


Tai Chirovsky

Sarah Halter (Blue Clutch)

Buffalo Rose




City Dwelling Nature Seekers

Diamond Shapes

Essential Machine



Mike Berginc (As Ladders)

Lindsay Dragan

Clara Kent

Alan Getto

David Rosario (Stone Throwers)

Same Moon

Sadie's Song

Sam Stucky


Revival Choir

Laurie Kudis (Charm & Chain)

Chloe Wiecz



The Moat Rats

echo lightwave unspeakable

Liss Victory

Sierra Sellers

Scott and Rosanna

Scratchy Blanket

Alyssa Hankey

Brave Birr

Jordan Montgomery

Justin Wade

Joel Jerome

Hemlock for Socrates

Living with Monsters


Spinning Jenny

Devin Moses

Chip & The Charge Ups

Carrie Collins

Brittney Chantele

Erika June

Coke Belda

Kanti Kasa


Matt w/2 t's

JuliAnne Wright

Leila Rhodes

Dylan Rooke


Avi Diamond


The Mixus Brothers

Dan McCoy

King Catfish

Merz, Miller & The Wolves

The Chad Sipes Stereo

Anti-Corn League

Hayley & Josh


Special Episodes

Conversation with Pat DiCesare

Ladyfest Pittsburgh 2016

Deutschtown Music Festival 2016

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HughShows Forum Ep. 2

HughShows Forum Ep. 3

HughShows Forum Ep. 4

HughShows Holiday

Guest Appearances

Totally Fatalist August 2011

WDVE Morning Show August 2014

Start the Beat January 2017

Notable Podcast June 2018

Mr. Bones Knows July 2018

WDVE (@103:40) July 2018

PCTV21 at DMF July 2018

Scene Unheard August 2018

WDVE (@139:50) November 2018

Smalls Talk July 2019

WDVE (@112:15) July 2019

Drinking Partners September 2019

The Staying at Home Show June 2020

The Pennsylvania Rock Show June 2020