“Hawk and Dove is a post-Americana rock band with a calm-before-the-storm approach, a contemporary yet classic sound that’s like the psychedelic country David Bowie never wrote. “Hawk and Dove channel a 60’s pop band and a modern alternative outfit,” The Deli says. Supajam adds, “it’s almost like an alt act doing the seventies.” This Yesterday Will Never End (2014) juxtaposes haunting ballads with thunderous stoner grooves, crafting a unique rock experience. This Yesterday is “…an album that transcends the boundaries created by different genres of music,” The Aquarian says. “Hawk and Dove transition… effortlessly, and take the listener on a journey guided by Miller’s tender singing.” Hawk and Dove’s songs never do what you expect them to. They ramp up with enormous energy to what would normally break into some bombastic chug-a-long, then scale back with restraint to relish small moments of sonic delight. Guitar, violin, and banjo drone like slow-moving glaciers. Ballads bounce with off-kilter rhythms. Keyboards tumble down the scale just when it seems they’ll ascend. This disarming inventiveness is what makes Hawk and Dove’s sound so beguiling. With their steadily growing following—and a killer live show—Hawk and Dove is proving to be the loudest quiet band you have ever heard.”

Check out the band at their official Website, Facebook, BandCamp and Twitter. The band’s fantastic debut album “This Yesterday Will Never End” was re-released this week and they stop in Pittsburgh tonight at Garfield Artworks along with Spires supporting Oberhofer. I want to thank Max Hodes (Tenor Guitar/Vocals), Joan Chew (Violin/Bass), AJ Sausville (Drums), Caitlin Becker (Keys/Vocals), John Kleber (Guitar) and Elijah Miller (Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

There are a lot of good questions here, but we felt that the most interesting question was this one; we all have favorite albums and favorite concerts, but with six people in the band the gamut is too wide to adequately capture the essence of what we are trying to do as a band or as a musical outfit. We have been to Pittsburgh many times and have come to realize that is a home away from home for us. When we are there we can relax, stretch out and play the way that we really want to: unrestrained, with passion. We are looking forward to performing in a venue that has a history of recognizing artistry for its raw, naked truth. Hawk and Dove has been performing in myriad iterations over the years and only now do we feel that this lineup realizes the vision that we set out to achieve at the inception. We think that Pittsburgh’s welcoming, intentional spirit will allow us to achieve the performance that we initially intended to capture.

Thanks, everyone. Really nice comment on our town. It is always wonderful to hear good things from people across the country that appreciate what we have here.