Album Review

Album revIew – BusCrates’ Control Center

July 3, 2023

BusCrates’ latest album, Control Center, is a collection of funky, instrumental tracks that blur the lines between synth-pop, electro-funk, and hip-hop. The album is characterized by BusCrates’ smooth, soulful keyboard playing, infectious melodies, and driving rhythms.

The title track is an upbeat offering with a catchy melody and a smooth bassline. “Prisms” is another highlight, with its swirling synths and funky drumbeat. “Floating in the Wind” is a more laid-back song, with a smooth melody and a mellow vibe.

Control Center is an album full of infectious grooves. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head and tapping your feet along to the music that will make you want to get up and move. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a party or a night out with friends. If you’re looking for an album that will get you grooving, then you should check it out.

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