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PittSongs – INXS

Posted on May 31, 2022

  Song: “Suicide Blonde” Artist: INXS Album: X Year Released: 1990 Genre: Rock Local Connection: Last song as the encore INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence ever played in public at the Coca-Cola Starlake Amphitheater outside of Pittsburgh in Burgettstown, PA on September 27th, 1997 before his untimely death less than a month later Did you […]

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PittSongs – Mildred Miller

Posted on April 28, 2022

  Song: “Par Dieu! Une poupée aux yeux d’émail” Artist: Mildred Miller (Jacques Offenbach) Album: Les Contes d’Hoffmann Year Released: 1955 Genre: Opera Local Connection: Moved to Pittsburgh in 1967 Did you know? Mildred Miller established the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh (now called Pittsburgh Festival Opera) in 1978 along with Helen Knox and for many years she […]

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PittSongs – Madeleine Yayodele Nelson

Posted on April 27, 2022

  Song: “Arara Yemonya” Artist: Madeleine Yayodele Nelson (Women of the Calabash Album: The Kwanzaa Album Year Released: 1998 Genre: Afro-Beat Local Connection: Born in Pittsburgh in 1948 Did you know? Madeleine Yayodele Nelson was an American percussionist and composer who specialized in playing the West African shekere and also played the djembe drum, the mbira thumb piano and the calabash PittSongs is a […]

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PittSongs – Jim Fidler

Posted on April 11, 2022

  Song: “Downtown Girl” Artist: Jim Fidler Album: Gypsy Year Released: 1995 Genre: Celtic Local Connection: Born in Pittsburgh in 1960 Did you know? Jim Fidler has been legally blind since the age of nine and plays most of the instruments on his songs. He is a first cousin to Christina Aguilera PittSongs is a […]

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PittSongs – Rush

Posted on March 31, 2022

  Song: “Finding My Way” Artist: Rush Album: Rush Year Released: 1974 Genre: Prog Rock Local Connection: The first song played from Neil Peart’s debut performance with Rush on August 14, 1974 at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh Did you know? Rush weren’t even listed on the bill with Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann and […]

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PittSongs – André Previn

Song: “In gemächlicher Bewegung, ohne Hast” Artist: André Previn Album: Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4 Year Released: 1979 Genre: Orchestral Local Connection: Conductor for The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra from 1976-1984 Did you know? André Previn was nominated for 11 Academy Awards. He won four times, in 1958, 1959, 1963 and 1964. He is one of the […]

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PittSongs – Bob Marley and the Wailers

Song: “Coming In From The Cold” Artist: Bob Marley and the Wailers Album: Live Forever: September 23, 1980 * Stanley Theatre * Pittsburgh, PA Year Released: 2011 Genre: Reggae Local Connection: Bob Marley’s last ever concert eight months before his untimely death at age 36 Did you know? “Get Up Stand Up”, Bob Marley’s last […]

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PittSongs – Herva Nelli

Song: “Padre, a costoro schiava non sono” Artist: Herva Nelli Album: Aida Year Released: 1949 Genre: Opera Local Connection: Emigrated from her native Italy to Pittsburgh at the age of 10 in 1919 Did you know? Herva Nelli gave her farewell performance in April 1962, with the Brooklyn Opera Company, at the Academy of Music, […]

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First/Last – Danny Liles

Posted on July 1, 2020

Danny Liles is a singer songwriter from West London, England, who has been playing guitar since he was a young boy. His parents played in bands for many years where he naturally picked it up from them. He produces and records his own music, writes all his songs, as he loves to sing and write. […]

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