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Album Review – Lady Jessica – ADD MIXTAPE

April 27, 2020

HughShows would like to welcome contributing music journalist Mara Meyer to the fold. A recent graduate of Point Park University, Mara is also a visual artist and concert photographer, who is beginning her career within the Pittsburgh music landscape and I couldn’t be more thrilled in highlighting her wonderful work on the blog.

Lady Jessica / ADD MIXTAPE / Released January 2020

Pittsburgh born and Boston-based artist Lady Jessica aims to bring joy through her newest work of art. The groove-based singer, songwriter, keyboardist and performer uses her tunes to get the audience in the groove with her. Lady Jessica, student at Berklee College of Music put a collection of her work together ranging throughout 2019. The former member of band entitled Sun Hound discovered a solo root with a mix of genres. Lady Jessica’s work ‘ADD Mixtape’ released January 1, 2020 provides a short length fourteen song collection for the “on-the-go listener”. She produced and engineered every song honing into her true musical talent. While finding the “stoner-soul” sound as Lady Jessica describes the mix turns into a vibe itself.

The song “Glow” starts off the 14 song album with lyrics of growth and moving into the light with a positive upbeat accompaniment. It is followed by the electronic snipes of “Fallen” hinting on the effects of social media. The upbeat sound with sultry vocals of “Share My World” shares some love. A tune of strength backs a deeper vibe in her next piece “Arrow Song”. Lady Jessica brings back the love with a touch of lust in “I Just Wanna” as a heavy keyboard sound brings depth to the piece. In “You’re A Zombie” she hits a deep tone with striking vocals in a hit against media. Halfway through the album, Lady Jessica brings us into her life with “Night Walk” featuring a calming tune while focusing on her strong vocals with strategic belts. The shortest song on the album “Intuition” keeps us wanting more as the repetition makes the piece unforgettable. “Saying it Aloud” brings us major R&B vibes paired with lyrics of hurt and confusion. “Clear my mind” is said to connect the soul to the body. When listening to this piece I found myself relaxed and ‘clearing my mind’ as the lyrics suggest through the range of musical accompaniment. The eleventh track of the album “Buried Treasure” gives off mysterious vibes with its hypnotic instrumentation along with alluring vocals. Following is Lady Jessica’s “It’s Okay” with positive lyrics and upbeat instrumentation. The “outerlude” is focused on calming you down as I felt my eyes close as I swayed along, doing just the trick. The fourteen track album finishes off with “Gatekeeper” (Remastered) which relies heavily on Lady Jessica’s vocal range as she sings about moving forward.

Lady Jessica’s collection of work has involved growth, overcoming challenges and getting to know oneself. The fourteen song collection is available to listen right now on Bandcamp.


Written for by Mara Myer


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