Best of 2011-Album of the Year # 3 – The Belle Brigade

December 21, 2011

Ethan and Barbara Gruska are brother and sister. Their harmonies on this debut album are what keeps me returning to these songs. Sunny, slick, L.A, pop at it’s best. I actually previously ‘met’ Barbara briefly when she was drumming in Jenny Lewis’ band in ’09. By ‘met’ I mean I maybe said hello. You think I would have an ‘in’ for getting them for a First/Last? You would think.

When this album first came out in Spring, I contacted the management for an interview. Two months later, out of the blue I got a cryptic confirmation they would do it. After that I heard nothing till the end of summer when a totally different rep said, sure, they would participate. Another several months go by when yet a different rep asked me my stat counts on the blog? I sent them a few weeks ago with again, no response. Finally, I was told maybe in the new year.

So let’s see, it’s been eight months, five different people, a dozen emails back and forth and still nothing. Hey, here’s a secret, I am trying to get your band some exposure they wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s not like they are Coldplay? Seriously? Believe me, I am not upset or anything, just kind of perplexed. Either they are total prima donnas (which I doubt) or they have horrible PR.

Regardless, I wish they would have played along and I am kind of thinking they will do so in the coming months. Until then, if you haven’t heard their stuff, do check them out. It is a terrific collection of songs.

UPDATE: Here’s a cool little message posted by the band on their Facebook:

“Hey Hugh! Haven’t heard about about until just reading your post, look forward to talking in the new year then. Sorry about the confusion!”