First/Last-Calum MacConnell of Man Your Horse

June 8, 2011

Man Your Horse are a self described “experimental, math rock, afro-beat trio ” hailing from up north in Vancouver, BC. They have just released a new EP called Shorts and are in the midst of a major North American tour to support it. They are super cool guys and roll through Pittsburgh tomorrow playing a their high energy set at the Moose for a no cover show.. Bassist Calum MacConnell was nice enough to participate in this midweek edition of First/Last.

  • First album ever bought?
  • I was eleven years old and bought Black Sunday (Cypress Hill). I remember my parents being very unamused with A to the K and Hits from the Bong.
  • Your last album bought?
  • I bought Night Moves (Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band) on vinyl for one Canadian dollar. I listen to the title track ad nauseum.
  • Favourite album of all time?
  • You, You’re a History in Rust (Do Make Say Think) or The Shivers (Slam Dunk). Both are Canadian bands – totally different genres, but each worth a serious listen.
  • Least favourite / most disappointing album?
  • Most disappointing – Because of the Times (Kings of Leon). Really dug the dirty barbecue party vibe of the first two albums; certainly burnt a lot of perfectly good food while getting thoroughly refreshed and cranking Razz. I pined for that when listening to what is essentially a stadium rock album.
  • First concert attended?
  • The year was 1997, I lived in small town Ontario and travelled to Toronto to see Bush (called Bush X at the time in Canada due to name ownership issues). They played for 2 ½ hours while I drank cheap rum from a plastic bottle. Formative experience.
  • Last concert?
  • The last big ticket event I went to was for the Danish band Efterklang. Great songs and simply incredible vocals.
  • Favourite concert ever?
  • 2005. Death from Above 1979 playing at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, BC. They laid waste to the place. I was against the barrier in front of the small stage, getting my ribs crushed and screaming along. Most fun that has ever legally been had.
  • Least favourite concert?
  • About 4 years ago – The Mars Volta at Sasquatch music festival. I dig so much of their music, but Cedric (frontman) was throwing stuff into the crowd. And not things that are okay to throw at a group of people so tightly packed together that they can’t dodge incoming projectiles. . .like symbol stands and industrial sized fans that are still spinning. I love music, but pulling selfish rock star antics and disregarding the safety of your fellow humans is never going to be cool in my books.
  • Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
  • Two words : Mario Lemieux
  • Another two words : Don Caballero

Thanks Calum. Man, that tour itinerary is massive! Good luck on the road and be safe my brother.