August 28, 2013

“Many years later”, the tenor saxophonist Branford Marsalis recalled, “a lot of younger musicians were hanging around with Elvin Jones, and they were talking about, ‘Man, you know, you guys had an intensity when you were playing with Coltrane. I mean, what was it like? How do you play with that kind of intensity?’ And Elvin Jones looks at them and says, ‘You gotta be willing to die with the motherfucker.’ They started laughing like kids do, waiting for the punchline, and then they realised he was serious. How many people do you know that are willing to die—period? Die with anybody! And when you listen to those records, that’s exactly what they sound like. I mean that they would die for each other.”

Check out the band at their official Website, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, SoundCloud and . As part of my coverage of the ongoing Paste 50 States Project, today I focus on Massachusetts and the pop-rock of Camden. They have released a few singles so far and are hard at work on finalizing their debut full-length this fall. I want to thank Jason Sibilia (Guitar/Keys/Vocals) and Jim Williamson (Bass/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

  • The first album you ever bought?
  • Jason Sibilia: Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream”.
  • Jim Williamson: Misfits “Static Age”.
  • Your last album bought?
  • Jason: Future “Pluto”.
  • Jim: Syd Barrett “The Madcap Laughs”.
  • Favorite album of all time?
  • Jason: Can “Future Days”.
  • Jim: No idea.
  • Least favorite/most disappointing album?
  • Jason: Anything Jay-Z has done since “The Black Album”.
  • Jim: Animal Collective “Centipede HZ”.
  • First concert attended?
  • Jason: Blink-182 and Green Day, ‘Pop Disaster Tour’, 2002.
  • Jim: It was either a Bruce Springsteen show or KISS show.
  • Last concert?
  • Jason: Savages at the Middle East, July 2013.
  • Jim: Paul McCartney played at Fenway Park and we sat on a roof and listened.
  • Favorite concert ever?
  • Jason: Grizzly Bear at the MFA Courtyard Boston, MA, Summer 2008.
  • Least favorite concert?
  • Jason: Dave Matthews Band, Hartford, CT.
  • Jim: There is always fun to be had somewhere.
  • Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
  • Jason: No experiences. Proud birthplace of Wiz Khalifa and Andy Warhol though! Would love to visit and play a show soon.
  • Jim: Gimme some food.

Thanks, fellas. It always cracks me up the perception of Pittsburgh and food.