First/Last-Cold Satellite

April 12, 2013

Cold Satellite featuring Jeffrey Foucault Club Cafe
Saturday, April 13, 2013 Southside

“In May of 2013, COLD SATELLITE – the six piece band centered on the collaboration between critically acclaimed songwriter Jeffrey Foucault and award-winning poet Lisa Olstein – will release CAVALCADE, a sophomore album that both refines and concentrates the band’s signature amalgam of rock, blues, and country.
Described by legendary music critic Greil Marcus as having, “…a country feel that puts the people who live in the Nashville charts to shame… a deep ditch electric guitar that takes a country song into the blues, and lets it go back where it came from,” COLD SATELLITE pairs Olstein’s visceral and often imagistic language with the rawboned authority of a rock band to create a stripped down ethos hearkening back to records by Crazy Horse and the Faces, Led Zeppelin and CCR.”

Check out the band at their official Website, Jeffrey’s Website and Facebook. The band is touring behind the soon to be released, “Cavalcade” and hits Club Cafe tomorrow night with support from Little Otis. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jeffrey Foucault himself for taking a few minutes to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

Little Richard’s “Greatest Hits”, on cassette. I was 11 or so and looking for Big Mama Thornton because I’d heard her voice a public TV documentary about rock n’ roll. I couldn’t find her, but I found Little Richard and that was good enough for me.

Your last album bought?

Just found a Rainer Ptacek album on vinyl in a little record store while I was on tour in the UK. You can’t find his stuff over here, though he was sort of the Daddy of the Tuscon scene back when Giant Sand and all that started happening. The man is a river, deep and wide.

Favorite album of all time?

Don’t have one. I like the color blue a lot, but I wouldn’t care for it so much if everything was blue all the time. There are a lot of records that saved my life one time or another. For the sake of an answer I’ll say “Devotion & Doubt” by Richard Buckner.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

I have a happy tendency to forget what bothers me. Sometimes I forget entire cities and towns and then find myself in them again because I forgot them so well I didn’t recognize the name on my tour schedule. That’s problematic. If a record disappointed me I wouldn’t think about it for very long. If I love a record, I think about it all the time.

First concert attended?

Maybe the Blues Brothers at Summerfest in Milwaukee, when I was pretty small, if we’re talking about popular music. Otherwise, hard to say. I didn’t get out much when I was younger.

Last concert?

I played Dublin a few nights ago, at Whelan’s. Great joint.

Favorite concert ever?

That’s a hard question. Maybe the first time I played my old home bar back in Wisconsin and all my friends and family came.

Least favorite concert?

I can’t remember.

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a good feeling town. When you drive or fly into a town the first time it makes you feel a certain way, and then whenever you go back you feel the same way. First time I topped a rise on the I-5 and saw Seattle all lit up ahead it felt real good. First time I saw I saw Hartford I didn’t feel a thing, and I still don’t. There might be something happening there but I just draw a blank. Pittsburgh always feels solid, no bullshit, kind of tough and friendly. Like a guy at a bar that might want to fight you, but then buys you a drink.

Thanks, Jeffrey. After all the Q&A’s I have done over the last few years, I have to say your last answer might the best I ever saw! Very cool and spot on.