First/Last-The Luyas

October 15, 2012

“The Luyas went into the studio on a February morning with the plan of getting some drum sounds to start writing songs for a new album. As the mics were going up, the band received a phone call. There had been a sudden death. The incomprehensible event left the band in an existential daze. The mics put themselves up that morning. The resulting LP, Animator, opens with “Montuno,” a 9-minute account of a hallucination about the repetition of days, the split seconds that define us, and the strangeness of the certainty of death. There’s something almost supernatural to the feel of the record. “Animator is supposed to be some weird resuscitation. The animator’s job is to create the semblance of movement in things that cannot move themselves. The musician’s is to make us feel like something is happening with a sound” explains singer and multi-instrumentalist Jessie Stein.”

The Luyas‘ second album, “Animator” comes out tomorrow on Dead Oceans. You can preview it here. My thanks to Jessie Stein for participating in this edition of First/Last.

  • The first album you ever bought?
  • Probably Bonnie Raitt’s “Luck of the Draw” or “Graceland” or that Ace of Bass record. I’m not sure what came first.
  • Your last album bought?
  • Just ordered an LP of the Hot Snakes’ “Suicide Invoice” on Ebay ‘cause I lost my copy.
  • Favorite album of all time?
  • That’s pretty tough. Maybe “And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out” by Yo La Tengo or “After The Gold Rush”? Those have always been in rotation. “OK Computer”. I was born in ‘83.
  • Least favorite/most disappointing album?
  • I don’t care enough about music I don’t dig to worry about hating any records.
  • First concert attended?
  • Sharon Lois and Bram (a Canadian kids music group).
  • Last concert?
  • Last night I saw The Dirty Three play, and the Hot Snakes, and PS I Love You.
  • Favorite concert ever?
  • The Constantine’s at the Phoenix in like 2008 or something.
  • Least favorite concert?
  • See how I feel about records that I don’t totally dig.
  • Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
  • I’ve never been there! Last time we were meant to play, Matty put gas in our diesel van by accident and we had to cancel so as not to explode the truck. I bet you guys have good pancakes. We longed for you that whole day long from a gas station near Cleveland in the rain.

Thanks, Jessie. Hope to see you in Pittsburgh soon.