From The Archives-Wilco Tee

July 25, 2009

This shirt has an interesting history. After the show (Monday November 8, 1999) I went outside and chilled for the band to exit the theater. Jeff Tweedy (not in the mood-I remember he was sick), John Stiratt (very quiet but extremely nice), and Jay Bennett (incredibly cordial and the most approachable of the three) came out and I ask them to sign the shirt. After they oblige, I am waiting for Ken Coomer, the drummer, to come out and lo and behold he already left with his exotic hottie of a girlfriend at the time. Damn, incomplete! The guitar tech Adam Roehlke says that he will take the shirt, get Ken to sign it, and send it back to me. Stupidly, I give it up with my address. Riding home that night I am thinking that I will never see the shirt again. A couple weeks go by and nothing. My wife is laughing at me calling me an idiot for giving it up. Then a few days before Thanksgiving I open the door and there is a package laying on the porch. Could it be? Yeah, kid, the shirt! Not only is the Coomer signed shirt there but a Summerteeth bumper sticker, a diagram of the band’s equipment stage set-up, and a signed artist’s (Mr. Roehlke himself) proof of the band’s 1999-2000 New Year’s Eve show. What a guy

I saw the band several times on that tour (even guesting on vocals!) and although I really do appreciate and enjoy the newer Wilco, I can always brag that I saw them at them at their absolute best. As a bonus, I recently uncovered a Beulah signed promo poster from that same night while clearing out my basement.