Image of the Day-“Bawlin”

April 5, 2011

This local band opened for Kurt Vile and when I saw their name, my expectations weren’t through the roof, or through the floor for that matter. The old saying goes, never judge a book by it’s cover. How true this night when I was immediately hooked by the first song. I loved this band! Their ‘shtick’ is sampling old ’60’s psych tunes with a heavy beat whilst ‘rapping’ the lyrics. Think a throwback Bumblebeez 81. Granted the austerity of the Warhol theater wasn’t the ideal place for a band more suited to a sweaty basement party but the sound was loud and clear and I’m definitely keeping my eye out for them. They are WPTS’ Band of the Month.

On a related note, the next day at lunch I told my colleague that I saw a band last night called Raw Blow. With deadpanned earnest he said, “Oh, my wife would probably like them.” After literally choking on my food laughing and conjuring up the best comebacks I could think of, he stopped me short by continuing, “She loves his movies.” Oh, that Rob Lowe. Awesome!