Image Of The Day-“Brother’s Blood”

June 18, 2009

I have a personal list of songs I HAVE to hear live before I die. Many have been scratched off over the years thanks to seeing The Mendoza Line, Camper Van Beethoven, World Party, Neko Case, and Cat Power, among others, in concert. I had no idea who Kevin Devine was before I heard his tune ‘Brother’s Blood’ and man did it instantly knock me out. I wasn’t planning on hitting this show but on the strength of this song alone I HAD to see him play it live…before I die. I was not disappointed with the version or the entire show for that matter.

Let me talk a tad about the Altar Bar. It’s a converted church with excellent sight lines through out even on the sides of the stages . It has an upper balcony snaking around the perimeter of the big room and for a fan the sound cannot be beat thanks to Sticks who works most shows. My biggest complaint as a photographer is obviously the lighting. They have these flood lights coming from behind the stage to totally wash out the bands back while there seems to be a couple tiny spots that
barely illuminate the front. Tricky is an understatement when shooting there but other than that (oh yeah, the crummy location-yuk) I guess I shouldn’t complain.