Image of the Day-“Bushwick Blues”

December 10, 2010

As always, these small studio sessions are a perfect primer, or ‘teaser taste’ as I like to call them, for the band’s show later in the evening. We got the acoustic version with Matt and Kelly playing four tunes and sharing stories of life in an up and coming indie rock band. I was planning on hitting the show proper later but being a sell out I missed the boat. Heard it was fun. As an added bummer I also missed the fuzzed out psychedelic sounds of openers Darker My Love (who I really wanted to see) and The Fling. Sucks to be me sometimes…well, not really. On the bright side, there is news today that Matt is teaming up with Taylor of Dawes and John of Deer Tick for a new ‘super group’ called Middle Brother. Should be sweet. Listen to the set here. More photos here.