Image of the Day-“Draw Us Lines”

May 28, 2012

There was an announcement made yesterday that necessarily didn’t come as a shock but still was huge in my world nonetheless. My fellow Pittsburgh music bloggers and friends at Draw Us Lines made it clear that this small world I inhabit just may have got a tad smaller. The details can be read here.

Let me just say that these dudes, like almost everyone else I have met in the music community in town, are top notch. So nice. So damned intelligent. So supportive of what I have been trying to do. They have been so good at spreading the word of what’s happening here in Pittsburgh as far as national, and more importantly, local music goes. They have been consistently doing it with grace, expertise, and a whole lot of gumption. Seriously, Echo Chamber ROCKS! I have been dreaming of that stuff for years and those bastards actually did it! I thank them for that and everything in between. DUL has been raising the bar for me and a few others around town and I will always support my friend Brendan in the future in any way I can. Thank you Blake. Thank you Jim.