Image Of The Day-“Flood”

April 10, 2010

All The Things/The Hand/Right Path/Celebrate/Nobody Knows/Something For Myself/Wild Goose Chase/Bright Bright Bright/Make Time/Wild Go

I was extremely pumped to see this band. So far still, they have released my favorite music of the year. I was in contact with them before the show and they are cool as hell people. Marshall even constructively critiqued my art which I love! Bands that fly under the radar and are ‘organic’ in everything they do appeal to me. Unfortunately, this gig was WAY too crowded to actually enjoy fully. Thanks to Mrs. PGHMR I had a spot and swill waiting for me that made me forget my legs were falling asleep. The band was great. Don’t get me wrong but that EP is just golden to me and something that far up on the pedestal just cannot be touched. My bar was set too damned high. That is unless I finally hear Flood live someday! Someday.