Image of the Day-“The Fool”

June 28, 2008

Ken Bethea of The Old 97’s Friday June 27th, 2008

Schenley Plaza In realizing that I have no time for posting on a regular basis, I will try something new starting today. Instead of a complete wrap-up of a show, I will post one picture and write a short description. Last night’s Old 97’s concert was probably my favorite of the year so far. I checked the band’s message boards this morning and noticed that a fan was upset about an encounter with Ken in Wisconsin. He said Ken was a real prick to him when he asked him for an autograph. I saw Ken last night before the show and asked him to sign some CD covers. The guy couldn’t have been more nice. We sat down on a curb and he started to tell me stories about the artwork as he was signing my stuff. We then talked about touring with a band and just casually bullshitted for a good ten minutes. Super cool dude.