Image Of The Day-“Hallelujah”

November 7, 2010

For the next few days I am focusing on shows that I have been lucky enough to be shooting for WYEP. More than likely, I would not be attending these concerts but have the opportunity to discover and enjoy the artist after my three song shooting limit is over. Case in point, Ryan Bingham. I didn’t know much about him except for the fact that he won the Oscar this year for best song. Man was he great. There is nothing better to hear a song for the very first time in a live setting and immediately enjoy it. That was pretty much what happened for every song throughout the night. A very nice surprise. It also struck me that right across the street, The New Pornographers were holding court at Diesel and from what I heard were kind of a letdown due to sound problems and the usual congestion woes that come with the venue. The Rex is my favorite place in the city to see a show. Never too crowded, the sound is always perfect and now they have a killer new lighting setup that makes taking photos a breeze. More pics here.

Thanks to Joy for sending me this photo of yours truly in action.