Image Of The Day-“Hanuman”

March 7, 2010

So there seemed to be a ton of buzz concerning these two among some of my fellow bloggers about a somewhat surprising Pittsburgh appearance. Frankly, I never even heard of them before and this studio session (as with most of them) offered a nice opportunity to get a taste of the band without shelling out $50 to find out. I have to say they conducted one of the more enjoyable interviews I have heard at the station in a while, Gabriela even dropping and F-bomb on air live! They were also some of the nicest, most humble musicians I have met. Very sweet people. As for the music, there was no denying their musicianship. Pretty impressive but I could not tell one song apart from the other and I don’t know if I would be into listening to it for 90 minutes or so. Maybe, maybe not. Judge for yourself by listening to the session here. More photos here.