Image of the Day-“Major Organ & The Adding Machine”

October 26, 2008

I am familiar with the E6 Collective and while not a rabid devotee, I dig some of these bands a lot. Since it’s announcement, I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going or not. Until I heard reclusive Neutral Milk Hotel founder Jeff Mangum surprisingly appeared a week earlier, I was still on the fence but that news swayed me to attend. I snagged a ticket two days before they sold out and man, am I glad I did. This turned out to be a total blast. The stage was decked out like a weird antiquity museum definitely adhering to the E6’s vibe. They showed the short film ‘Major Organ & The Adding Machine’ to start the evening, which stars some of the many musicians who would play onstage this incredible night. It was funny, strange, psychedelic, endearing…a fitting opening to a wonderful, and yes, surprising show.