Image Of The Day-“Papillon”

October 12, 2010

With this show I have whittled down my ‘bucket list’ of bands to see before I kick to five (go ahead and try to guess them). I am actually seeing another one of those bands next month! Anyway, I have been a huge fan of these guys since I first heard their album ‘The Fallen Leaf Pages‘ streaming on Merge Records website. I eventually picked up their entire catalog and have been dying for them to play here in Pittsburgh since. That’s five long years but it was all worth it, even though they played the perfunctory opener (read:brief) set. Through personnel changes, the constant has been songwriter/vocalist Jim Putnam. His music has been compared to Pink Floyd, Neil Young, and The Beach Boys. I can’t disagree too much with that only to say that he is unique in his own way and I appreciate everything he puts out.