Image Of The Day-“Scumbag”

January 30, 2010
  • Senator John Edwards
  • Labor Day Parade
  • Monday September 3, 2007
  • Uptown

Realizing the readers of this blog expect to see musicians and bands covered here, I felt compelled to veer off track for a bit to espouse my utter disdain for politicians. In light of this dirtbag’s revelations this week concerning his disgusting personal behaviors, I decided to post these pictures I took a few years ago. Politics to me is a joke. Public service is meant as a vehicle to help people, not stroke egos and as a means for personal gains which seems to be the case everywhere you look. There are very few members of government I do dig, and I do try to follow what’s happening on Grant Street, especially when it directly affects my life. A friend explained to me that terms limits were set up in government so as when one person’s term ends, someone else can serve which gives more people the opportunity to ‘work’ for the population. True or not, it sounds like an ideal way for government to function.