Live at 25: The Pandemic Series

March 14, 2020

In an attempt to alleviate the financial burden that Pittsburgh musicians and other artists are going to experience due to cancellations of shows on account to the seriousness of the Coronavirus Pandemic, some cool people are rolling up their sleeves for the ambitious fundraiser Live at 25 Pandemic Series.

Scheduled over 25 consecutive nights (and possibly more) beginning Tuesday, March 17, the livestream from approximately 6:30pm-10pm will utilize the professional facilities of Hear Corp at 25 Carrick Avenue to present information, first hand accounts of the devastating effects to personnel in the entertainment industry, and live entertainment from a variety of performance artists to ultimately raise as much money as possible. Spread the word. This is going to take all of us within the Pittsburgh musical landscape to help.

Have you had a show cancellation due to the current state of affairs? If so, please inquire about doing a live stream show. We’re trying to help the artist community who have been deeply affected by this pandemic. We can not guarantee payment for these performances but are doing our best to raise money for all artists participating. Hear Corp is providing this service free of charge in a series called Live at 25 Pandemic Series. Please fill out the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Apply here: